10: Skinship with Jeong Unnie

Never Together
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Tzuyu's POV:

We are now in the shoot for the LGBTQ+ Jewelry brand, I was going to shoot my first scene with Jeong Unnie. We were to act as if we were out on a fancy date, then she pops the question. Her line goes as follows: "Aegiya, make me the happiest woman alive? Marry me?" Then she gets down on her knees and presents me the ring. The second scene is her coming home from her military deployment and we hug each other and she gets down again on her knees and proposes marriage. Then a tag line appears on the screen and the tag line is as follows: Fight for your right to marry anyone. I think of Jeongyeon as my Unnie from Korea. As in we are literally blood related, I believe. I love her as my Unnie and she loves me the same way as her Dongsaeng. We were shipped by our Onces because of Jeong Unnie's constant care for me. She always looked out for me ever since we debuted as Twice.

Jeong Unnie was always there to help me and to protect me, often from rowdy fans too. We have a lot of rowdy and unruly fans waiting mostly inside the airport. I wish our airports are like the Philippines, you're not allowed to enter unless you are a passenger. So that less rowdy fans are there to wait for us. Going back, Jeong Unnie was my protector out of the members. She always treated me as if I was higher than her, often speaking to me in a polite manner and as if I was a 3 year old. She's funny and often likes to tease the other Unnies and pester them. To the school meal club, she's the coolest Unnie next to Sana because she always treated us to food and drinks. She does everything in her power to protect the school meal club.

Jeong Unnie was sporting her old pixie cut, she used to have a shoulder length haircut, but now has reverted back to her Cheer Up era hair. She looked more like a handsome Oppa in this style. If you don't hear her talk, you'd think she's really a handsome guy. She has a honey voice, where people just fall in love with the way she speaks. At least that's most of our onces think of Jeong Unnie. I always called her Jeong Unnie, though Chaeng refers to her as No Jam Hyung, because Chaeng and her were tagged as No Jam Bros by fans who watched their past V-Live broadcast, both of them sported a pixie cut. They were called No Jam Bros because the fans grew bored of them after 30 minutes of just laughing to themselves and teasing other members who were not on the V-Live. Chaeng was called by our onces as No Jam Dongsaeng. She was also known in the team as Chaengcasso. Because she draws a lot and her drawings were on artist levels. She even drew Jessi Unnie on a show and Jessi Unnie was impressed with her talent. Chaeng was also known to the onces as Baby Beast because she resembles a Tiger Cub or Lion Cub. But of course Chaeng was whipped for Mina Unnie, often the softest lion cub when Mina Unnie was around.

Jeong Unnie held my hand as the rest of the staff finished her make up. I went first because I arrived in the shoot first with Sana. Jeong Unnie and Dahyun Unnie arrived after 25 minutes of us arriving in the shoot. I was already seated at the vanity chair getting my make up and hair done. Sana of course was seated beside me and Dahyun Unnie came and greeted her before she greeted me, she also placed a kiss on Sana's cheeks to which Sana playfully responded by pursing her lips trying to kiss Dahyun Unnie on the lips. They did this for a few minutes, before Sana gave up and smiled at herself in the mirror. I've seen everything before me and I wanted to grab Dahyun Unnie by the hair to stop Sana from kissing. Of course, our onces wanted this, they shipped SaiDa so much. While SaTzu ship only garnered 6th place in ranking, of course the ships and Fan Service stints are determined by this ranking. First rank was SaiDa and 2nd is JeongTzu, 3rd is MiChaeng, 4th is MiMo and 5th is NaHyo. MiChaeng for the mean time had other project together, a Magazine shoot while the Jihyo Unnie and Momo Unnie were shooting for a brand endorsement for Soju. She caressed my hand silently trying to take my mind off the things. She smiled and suddenly professed her love for my eyes.

"Omo! I really love your eyes, aegiya, so pretty with this make up." She said smiling eventually.

I understand her sudden sweetness, it was to make me forget that Dahyun Unnie and Sana are here. Jeong Unnie is my savior, I was ready to fight Dahyun Unnie for kissing Sana on the cheeks. 

"Thank you, Oppa Jeongie." I replied to Jeong Unnie. 

She calls me aegiya korean term for baby and I call her Oppa for that added sensual tension between us. I held her hand comfortably. Jeong Unnie came in with Dubu Unnie, she kissed me on the lips, a quick peck. This was her normal way of greeting the other members too, she pecks them quickly on the lips and she's done this even with Nayeon Unnie, only Nayeon Unnie gets a lingering for about 10 seconds type of kiss. We were acting really sweet and it was making all the staffs around us flustered, because they didn't expect me and Jeong Unnie to be really close to the point that we have a nickname for each other. Some are even hurrying with getting Jeong Unnie ready really quick, because they feel like anytime soon Jeong Unnie will make babies with me. Which was funny to me, because Jeong Unnie is really a gentle woman and would never do such things to me. She respects me so much and besides, Jeong Unnie is whipped for Bunnyeon Unnie. Jeong Unnie likes to stare lovingly at the school meals club's eyes, she does this to Dubu Unnie and Chaeng Unnie to, but she likes doing this more with me. Just like what she's doing now, she looked at me with loving eyes.

"Oppa, stop staring at me." I said to her with a pout.

"Aegiya, I'm not going to stare anymore, stop pouting, because I might not be able to help myself and kiss the daylights out of you." She threatened.

A blush crept up my cheeks, remembering Sana's dominant kiss two days ago. That kiss took daylights out of me and my soul, like a lethal punch to my whole being. I felt all of her wants and needs during that brief kiss. I felt the fire within her, something told me she wants to make babies with me just like Chaeng Unnie wants to make babies with Mina Unnie.

Sana was secretly looking over to us, I saw jealousy in her eyes, but wasn't sure about it so I focused on Jeong Unnie who is now nearly done with her make up and her hair was styled to look like a quiff, the sides were swept back and her hair was parted to the side. She looks like a man. Like T.O.P from Big Bang of YGE. She looked so dapper in her black suit, white dress shirt and black pants. I was wearing a black halter top maxi dress. While Sana wore a beautiful mermaid cut strapless dress that highlighted her broad shoulders and it highlighted her milky legs too. She had an inverted triangle figure, while I had an hour glass figure. I love everything about Sana but right now it's Jeong Unnie that I have to be in tune with.

"Wow, Yoo! You look handsome!" Sana was the one who spoke.

"Aigooo, so cute." Sana said as she pinched Jeong Unnie's cheeks.

"Yah! Satang! Let go of my cheek! Aegiya, Satang is pinching my cheeks." Jeong Unnie told me as if I didn't see what Sana was doing.

"Sana Unnie, let go of Jeong Oppa's cheeks or else I'll pinch Dubu Unnie's cheeks too." I said to Sana.

Sana just looked at me incredulously as if taunting me she replied.

"Go ahead, I dare you to pinch Dubu's cheeks. Please have fun with her cheeks, don't let her cheeks go until it falls off." Sana sniggered at me.

"Jeongie Oppa, I'll be right back." I said to Jeong Unnie.

I walked over to where Dubu Unnie was and pinched her on the cheeks hard, my grip on her cheeks were so hard that I feel like I got my vengeance towards Dubu Unnie. Dubu Unnie shrieked in pain as Sana was still pinching Jeong Unnie's cheeks. Dubu Unnie was trying to push me away, but since I was taller than her she couldn't do anything. I looked over to Sana and smiled prettily at her.

"Aaaahhhhhhhhhh it hurts. Tzuyu-yah it hurts. Let me go." Dubu unnie said.

Sana lets go of Jeong Unnie's cheeks at once and I let Dubu Unnie's cheeks go. I went back to Jeong Unnie's side and checked her cheek.

"Oppa Jeongie, are you okay?" I checked with Jeong Unnie.

"Yes, I'm okay aegiya." Jeong Unnie replied as she cradled her cheek.

"Good." I replied.

Sana didn't even check on Dubu Unnie, she just went back to sit at one of the chairs. I sat beside Jeong Unnie, nursing her cheek. She j

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