30: Final Rendezvous

Never Together
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Sana's POV:

After our performances at Show! Music Core, Music Bank and finally SBS Inkigayo. My baby Chew and I went to Han River Park, just us two. I've been messaging Sadness Unnie to come to the Han River Park to drop off the mother and daughter duo doggos that I got for my baby Chew. Their names are yet to be determined. Sadness Unnie said that she's approaching Han River Park in two minutes. I was excited for the two to meet their owner, my Baby Chew. We were walking in the Han River Park, Five P.M. in the afternoon after we've been to three shows. I honestly didn't want to believe that we are free from JYP and his rules. That, I can go freely with Tzuyu, out to eat and to enjoy our time without worries of getting caught by our own label.

"Baby, are you hungry?" She asked me as we sat at a bench in the Ttukseom part of the Hangang River Park.

The Han River or Hangang River had twelve parks in total, each stretching through out Korea, by the river that is known as Han River or Hangang River. Each park boasted of many amenities such as soccer fields or other amenities perfect for everyone's interest. Up until the northern part of Korea which was North Hwanghae. North Korea is categorized as a country of its own, South Koreans, weren't allowed to enter the said country, in fact no one was allowed to enter the 'country', every South Korean had a family member lost somewhere in the North, the dictator Kim Jong-un who inherited their 'kingdom' have since killed countless of the North Koreans who had family from the South. The Hangang River was always a tensed atmosphere in the north. Every North Korean defector have tried to cross the river only to be met by gun fire or worse, death from the cold waters.

"No, are you? Where do you want to eat?" I replied to her.

"I want a snack, but not really that hungry just yet." She replied.

"Aigoo my baby wanted a snack. Let's go and get you some snacks." I replied to her and took her by the hand.

We walked to the café nearby the park. All the while, messaging Sadness Unnie to go to the Six Degrees Coffee House which was near where we stopped to sit. Sadness Unnie replied and told me she's on the way to the café with the two doggos. It excited me to have Chewy see both of the cute doggos. I've already adopted both of the cuties when I saw their foster's instagram posts for them. The black one and the mother of the other doggo is cute, I knew Tzuyu volunteers in animal shelters, during times we were on breaks, she'd clean their pens, feed the doggos, take some of the doggos out for a walk, several sapphires made donations under her name to animal shelters all over the world, aside from those kids' shelters and other programs. My baby is a Golden Maknae to both Humans and Animals alike, I knew the black one suited her and I suited the light brown one, because of her misbehaving demeanor.

We arrived at the café and she ordered one cafe latte and one hot chocolate for her and one melon pan for her and another cheese croissant for me. It's fall now, so the weather's nice. We went to sit at the al fresco dining area just in front of the store with Tzuyu, she loves anything bread and chocolate. Her choice of Melon Bread and Hot Chocolate was something I'd never understand, both were sweet, but my baby isn't hyper like me. She's a shy person but is really nice to our staffs. She acts like she's a CEO of some company back when we still worked for JYP, which is why Twice's Leader Jihyo had her number saved as Madame Chou. She commands respect as a Madame CEO would, which is now a reality for her, with SaTzu and Co. Entertainment company now runs our business as artists, she leading the way for her seven other unnies.

I imagine our future as one of the top three in Korean Entertainment Industry. We'll be successful in a year's time, I imagine with Tzuyu's leadership we'll achieve so many things. We have fully independent creative autonomy with the music we make. We can make bops and an entirely different genre apart from the cutie concepts we used to do before. This last year alone, we've done some good concepts that tottally fitted us as a whole group. I came to a realization that we could totally pull off this move as opposed to my previous worries. The music video for our latest release was a smashing hit to the public, this made me confident in Chewy and her leadership. The group has decided though to have me lead them, they casted their vote for me to become their new leader, I suggested that we take turns every year as leader of the group. I didn't want to lead anyone I'm contented with my voice being heard and considered, but they voted for me anyway and I was the reason to begin with why they left JYP.

We won three number ones at the music shows we recently went to, so I believe that we can totally pull off our move to SZC Entertainment. Our onces and sapphires were there earlier to greet us. They knew about our schedules as we cascaded to the rest of our fans pre-transfer to SZC that we will reappear to the public two days after the day we announced our leave for SZC Entertainment. The past two days, we've been monitoring the music charts around the world, the comments from our Onces were also positive, especially when they saw Tzuyu and I acting for the music video of Future Perfect. I'm proud of what we have accomplished so far, the music video is one of my greatest pride as an Idol Star. Soon, Sadness Unnie emerged from the parking lot, two doggos in tow. Tzuyu sat across me her back against Sadness Unnie who cutely tiptoes as she approaches our table. She could be funny like this. I couldn't help but giggle at what Sadness Unnie was doing.

"Is there something funny?" Tzuyu asked me her brows furrowed.

I shook my head and watched as Sadness Unnie stopped right at her back.

"How's my baby Chew doing?" Sadness Unnie greeted her and patted her shoulders.

"Unnie! I'm great and I'm hoping you are too." Chewy said looking back at Sadness Unnie.

"Good, I just went here to drop off some thing for you, courtesy of Anna Chou." Sadness Unnie replied to her.

"Anna Chou? Who is that? Is she a fan of ours?" Tzuyu replied still looking back at Sadness Unnie.

"Baby! Don't tell me you forgot." I replied to Tzuyu.

Tzuyu spun her head back to me, she found me pouting at her slightly offended by her forgetting my english name Anna.

"No, I don't know who Anna Chou is, I know your English name is Anna Minatozaki, but you're a Minatozaki and.... Oh... Oh... Okay.... Thank you baby." She replied to me and I pulled Sadness Unnie to our side of the table.

The mother-daughter duo emerged from Sadness Unnie's back. Tzuyu saw the two pups and she squatted down to their levels, hugging and petting each one. I squatted by her side.

"I saw their foster parents posting them on instagram. This black one is the mother and the light brown is her daughter. She suits your style this black one, while the light brown one suits me best. I thought I should get you both dogs as I

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