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Never Together
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Jihyo's POV:

I woke up at around 5:55 a.m. in the morning. As leader of Twice, I needed to be up early for a meeting with Park Jin Young PDnim, regarding our recontracting offer. Park PDnim wanted to know about our decisions. It has been a month and we kept on rejecting his offers. This time, I will meet with him again together with Jeong Unnie. I don't know if Park PDnim was dense or truly clueless about what we want. Jeong Unnie was with me, she held me in her arms as we travelled to JYP, the driver was driving us in Jeong Unnie's SUV. I was still sleepy so I appreciated Jeong Unnie cradling me in her arms. My tired eyes were closed, we slept late last night because we prepared our script for VLIVE for our 7th anniversary live, we also prepared letters to our onces and since our fansites are there because Park PDnim invited the fansites, I was tasked by the rest to hand our fansites letters from each members, telling the fansites of our plans to tranfer to our own company, we thanked the fansites and asked them to follow us to the next chapter of our lives as we start anew at SaTzu and Co., that starting today, we will no longer be Twice of JYP, but Twice of SaTzu and Co. and we are happy to have them beside us through the last 7 years.

The fansites and the fans themselves were close to Twice, we've met them through out the years, had video calls with them, laughed and cried with them. We listened to each and everyone's worries and fears, we've given advices and recommended stuff to each other. Our Onces are the best ever fandom we could ask for and because of them, we reached the ending of our time in JYP with ease on our behalf. They took care of us, loved and protected us through thick and thin, accompanied us through tough times from Sixteen to Twice, they were there for us, saying nice words on our posts on Instagram, sending us nice and comforting messages on bubble, celebrating our wins and losses. Our fans are the ones who kept us going. Through adversities and happy times, our Onces were there for us, never left us and they saw us through everything.

It was right for us to advise them to come with us to SaTzu and Co., to witness us rebuild our careers. I could only hope for them to follow us and see us through. Though, I was aware of the things they hated about JYP, I was still skeptical for our careers, but we had to try. Reminding myself that a fortune teller last year has predicted Tzuyu to become a successful Music and Entertainment Producer as long as she gets out of JYP in the first few months of 2022¹. That was why when I found out that she was leaving, I never stopped her. Especially when she shared her intentions of putting up her own entertainment company. She must've forgotten about that fortune telling we had on a Youtube program we guested on last year.

Soon, we arrived at JYP Building, I slightly looked back to the SZC Entertainment Building in front of the JYP Building. We toured the place 4 Months ago the whole facility was impressive, the training rooms were wide, including the recording booths, we had our own rooms, our own recording room too as Sana Unnie told us. She was the one who saw the wide recording room at 5th floor, when it was already decorated. I can't wait to transfer over to our new building. We already moved out our stuff from our dorms to the new apartment we rented nearby our company's building. There were times when we don't go to our dorm anymore and we slept at the new apartment we rented just two blocks away from our company building. I have already wired money to Tzuyu, a cool 1 billion won as my share for the company. My fansite Amber waived hello to me, I smiled and approached her, I gave her my letter first and then instructed her to give the other members' fansite masters their own letters from each members. I thanked Amber Fansite Masternim for her support and reminded her to be careful and rest after our activities today. We chit chatted for a bit, Jeong Unnie was also chit chatting with her Fansite Master Naeun, she handed her the same envelope I had in my hands. Once I felt we needed to go or be late for our 7:10 a.m. meeting, I bid Amber goodbye and gave her a quick hug.

It was a good thing that I invested whole of my first earnings in Cryptocurrency. It has now tripled in value, so I still had 1.5 billion in crypto currency. I never touch the cryptocurrency account I had, save for this time when I had to pay for my portion of the company. It was an estimated 10 billion won for the building alone. I heard Mina and Tzuyu discussing over the phone one time, they discussed the cost of the construction for the building, they both agreed that we should pay 1 Billion won each, I also heard Mina say she'll cover the rest of us who might not be able to pay for the 2 Billion won we needed to pay back Tzuyu. Mina's portion was at 8 Billion won, Sana Unnie also gave her share of 10 Billion won, the 3 Billion won from Sana Unnie's Money was to cover costs of food in the two cafeterias in the company, while Mina's 3 Billion was to cover for Album Costs. That was what they discussed and heard one night I was watching Sana Unnie sleep.

She still sleep walks and talk, which is why whenever she starts to sleep talk, I tell Sana Unnie that we will soon be with Tzuyu. I remind her in her sleep so that she could sleep well and stop sleep talking. So far it seemed to have worked out nicely. I had insomnia for the last three years I've been a member of Twice. I often don't sleep at night and g

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