4: 9 Rings done

Never Together
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Tzuyu's POV:

Mina Unnie and I are done with making our rings. We finished just after lunch. Because of the concetration we poured to making the rings. The instructor was even surprised with the amount of work and concentration that we finished just about after lunch. Mina Unnie and I got a cup of coffee and bread with savory fillings at the café where we made our rings. We are and finished our hot coffee for Mina Unnie and Hot Chocolate for me. We rode a cab going back to our dorms where Sana, Momo and my Parents are waiting for our return. I smiled at the thought of Sana being my wife.

"Chewy-ya! Are you day dreaming again about Sana?" Mina Unnie asked me.

"Ahhh Unnie! Why is my Sana a y one? She's so y and hot. What is it with you Japanese ladies being a hot and y mess?" I wondered aloud.

"Tzuyu-ya! I ask the same questions about my Son Chaeyoung. I guess because Sana had Royal blood in her, yeah that's it Tzuyu! She has Royal Emperial blood of Japan." Mina Unnie said chucklkng.

"You have Royal Blood too, you are a Myōui only a few has your surname. Like Sana and Momo Unnie." I replied to her.

"Yah! Don't make it a big deal. Not because my surname is a Myōui, doesn't mean I am a royal blood. It is Sana who has a royal blood, not me. We have proven that." Mina Unnie replied.

"Unnie, do you think we could really negotiate our contracts with Park PDnim?"

"Tzuyu-ah, almost all of us have fallen in love with each other and although we fought many times now, we proved that our bond as a family will never be broken easily. We have to trust Jihyo-ssi and Jeongyeon-ah. Nayeon for sure will fight Park PDnim and if we can't stay at JYP, we will create our own company and sign the others and relaunch ourselves as Twice or maybe Velvet Girls." Mina Unnie quipped at me.

"Unnie, I want to stay with Park PDnim, but if he doesn't change his mind about all his ridicoulous rules, I'll be forced to go with you and the others." I replied.

"We will get through one more year, my dear dongsaeng. We will work hard until our contract expires. Aja!?" Mina Unnie replied.

"Aja!" I replied.

"Aja! To us Twice, we will stay by each other's side forever!" Mina Unnie exclaimed.

"Thank you Unnie for coming with me by the way, Sana was surprised that you were with me so early." I said to Mina Unnie.

"Anytime, Tzuyu. That girl really doesn't know me, she thinks I sleep the whole day!" Mina Unnie exclaimed laughing at Sana.

"Well, you never come out of your room, when and where do you even eat?" I asked her teasing.

"Yah! I eat with you girls!" Mina Unnie protested.

"I'm kidding Unnie." I replied to her.

"Oh no! How are we going to come up our dorm with these bags?" I asked Mina Unnie.

"Yikes! You're right Tzuyu! We should have gotten a big paper bag for these." Mina Unnie sighed.

"I got a plan. Give me all the bags, each one has a tag anyway, I'll give it back to you secretly later." She followed up.

"Okay, here you go." I said to her as I handed her all the bags.

The cab was about to arrive to our dorm.

"I'm excited for Sana's birthday, when we give the other girls these rings!" Mina Unnie said.

"Yeah. I am excited too." I replied.

"Until then, we must protect these." Mina Unnie said jokingly.

"Don't be too serious Unnie." I said chuckling at her.

"I won't be too serious, I can't be that if I already am serious." Mina Unnie laughed again, I laughed with her.

"Unnie, my parents accept me and Sana, but JYP doesn't. Can we kill JYP?" I jokingly said.

"Yah! That's a great idea! Then you and I will be imprisoned for a couple of years and then out. You realize how ridicoulous that sounded?" Mina Unnie said as she shakes her head left to right.

"Tzuyu, just be patient. Let's wait for the elders of the group to make a recontracting offer to JYP." She followed up.

"Unnie, I get jealous whenever Sana flirts with the press and fans." I sighed.

"We all flirt with fans and the press. If she does that, do it with your fans too and the press whose pining for you. Give her a taste of her own medicine. You can't be jealous then sleep next to her." Mina Unnie said.

"Unnie! You know I can't do that. I look awkward even when I flirt with the other members what more the press and fans?" I said to her.

"Awkwardly cute." Mina Unnie replied. 

The cab arrived in front of our building complex, there was four buildings surrounding our dorm, we lived in the 4th building. I paid for cab this time around as Mina Unnie was the one who paid for the cab earlier. I handed the payment to the driver before alighting the cab. Mina Unnie was walking ahead of me, I caught up with her by holding her hand. It's cold here in Seoul, so it was normal for us to hold each other's hand and because we were wearing a mask, we couldn't be recognized. It was the year 2021 although we already got vaccinated earlier this year, the Coronavirus was still here and it wouldn't be eradicated in the next 5 years. The virus started in Hainan, China because the people in China eats everything including bats, the virus was found on the bats the Chinese people have consumed over the last few years. It was a good thing I was Taiwanese, because although our country has already been turned over to China because of its debts to China, we are still a country of our own. We still enforced strict COVID-19 screening, monitoring and vaccination, the first half of the year 2020, Taiwan was already COVID-19 free.

China has a way of screwing everyone up, including the provinces that belonged to them because of debts, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Philippines are one of the countries that are in debted to China, pretty soon China will also take over the Philippines even if the Philippines fought for their seas, it wouldn't stop China from taking over their entire country because they were indebted to China. Anyway, enough about that, as I mentioned no one could recognize us and the cab driver only knew how to speak in Korean, so Mina Unnie and I were safe from prying eyes and ears. Because we became so popular, we needed to be careful with our words and actions, it came with the popularity of our group and as we are from the Top 3 Entertainment Companies of Korea, we needed to be at our best where ever we are. This is our reality, this is also why Sana flirts with fans and the press. She does this to attract fans and non-fans alike. Mina Unnie and I finally reached our dorm. We were greated by Dad who was watching last night's award show.

"Hello, you two. Did y

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