27: Logo unveiling and SaTzu & Co., Opening

Never Together
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Tzuyu's POV:

Once Chaeyoung started to speak, we went out of the make-shift office I had on the first floor. We welcomed the press and unveiled the logo. Red Velvet Cupcake, I*WANT and Somi was with me, Somi was also dressed in her Black with Navy Blue and Purple embroidery of our logo and name on the left chest button down shirt. I*WANT, Red Velvet Cupcake and 4 PM were alternating with the Black and White ensemble. We looked fashionable, but not over the top to make the press shy away from asking us questions. It wasn't intimidating as we were on red carpets we've been to. I was still hearing Sana speaking as we unveiled the new logo and opened the company. I left their live on play with my phone and I had a monitoring ear phone on my right side of the ear. Hearing her confident voice announce the news about us transferring to our own company and thanking Onces for their support had relieved me immensely.

I saw my fansite among the crowd of press people and invited invited people handpicked by me. The fansite Taehyung smiled at me and waived his right forefinger at me, signaling that he's going to take a photo of me. I smiled at him and he captured me perfectly. Another SaTzu Fansite was present, Yuqi. She raised her forefinger too after Taehyung had taken a photo of me and I smiled at her. She snapped a photo of me and raised her thumbs up. These two fansites I know, because I've personally met with them over the past 7 years as Twice Member. Yuqi and Taehyung were friends by now, I invited them myself, I sent them a message through Kakaotalk, where I always spoke with them. All three of us became close and we're actually treating each other as close friends. I am comfortable with the both of them. I was speaking to the crowd that gathered in front of my building.

"Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen, as you all know, I've invited you guys to be with me today. To formally announce the opening of SaTzu and Co. Entertainment or SZC Entertainment for short. We have worked hard over the last ten months and I wanted to let my Sapphires know, about this new phase of my life. As CEO and Chief Excutive Producer of the Entertainment Company, I am pleased to announce that SaTZu and Co. is now open, I also wanted to introduce the new faces of SaTzu and Co., together with my former band, Twice, these artists will join us and represent SZC Entertainment Company. Starting off with the main Face of SZC, RVCupcake." I told the press and the crowd.

Red Velvet Sunbaenim stepped forward and greeted the crowd.

"Na, Du, Set. Sweet Happiness! RVCupcake imnida, Hello, I am RVCupcake's Original Visual and Leader, Captain Irene Bae." Irene sunbaenim said and bowed a perfect 90° to the crowd.

"Hello, I'm Vice Captain and Nightinggale of RVCupcake, Wendy Son." Wendy Unnie said and bowed the same perfect 90° to the crowd.

"Hello, I'm RVCupcake's Dancing Bear, Kang Seulgi." Seulgi Sunbaenim bowed.

"Hello, I'm RVCupcake's Fruity Visual, Joy Park." Joy Unnie said and bowed to the crowd.

"Hello, I'm RVCupcake's Pretty Maknae, Kim Yerim." Yeri said bowing to the crowd.

"Please continue supporting and loving us RV in the future." Irene Sunbaenim said.

"Now, another face of the company. I*WANT." I said into the microphone.

"Na, Du, Set, I WANT you, I*WANT imnida, Hello, this is I*WANT's Feather Dancer and Captain Miyawaki Chaeyeon!" Chaen greeted the crowd and bowed.

"Hello, this is Prince and Vice Captain of I*WANT, Lee Sakura!" Sakura Miyawaki Unnie introduced herself.

I knew they'd change their surnames as stage names.

"Hello, this is Kwangbae Hyung of I*WANT, Kim Hyewon!" Hyewon said.

"Hello, this is Fairy Godmother and 1/3 of JoYuRiz Unit of I*WANT', Kim Chaewon!" Chaewon said. 

"Hello, this is Rubber Ducky and two thirds of JoYuRiz Unit of I*WANT, Choi Yena!" Yena said energetically.

"Hello, this is weird god of I*WANT, god Kwon Eunbi!" Eunbi Unnie said.

"Hello, this is Angel and Actress of I*WANT, Kang Minjoo Angel!" Minjoo said.

She and Hyewon has exchanged surnames like Chaeyeon and Sakura Unnie to signify to the fans that they are currently in a relationship, just like Sakura Unnie and Chaeyeon.

"Hello, this is NakoNakoNa Smallest but Baddest of I*WANT, Yabuki Nako!" Nako said. 

"Hello, this is Strawberry and Bread Princess of I*WANT, Honda Hitomi!" Hitomi said.

"Hello, this is Husky Voice and Unit Leader of JoYuRiz of I*WANT, Jo Yuri!" Yuri said.

"Hello, this is Vitamin Energy of I*WANT, Ahn Yujin!" Yujin said.

"Hello, this is Giant Baby and Born Center Maknae of I*WANT, Jang Wonyoung!" Wonyoung said.

"Solo Artist Jeon S

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