8: Sana's Birthday

Never Together
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Tzuyu's POV:

It was now Sana's birthday and I woke up really early to order her breakfast as well as for the rest of the members. Even if it wasn't her birthday, I was always up early no matter what time I slept the previous night. It was more of a habit to wake up before my alarma goes so as to not wake the other members. Sana sleeps until 10 a.m. on free days like today. The other members are back and we've had our final practice yesterday in preparation for tomorrow's Gayo Daejun. It was 5 days ago, when Sana talked back to Park PDnim. Tomorrow she and Dahyun Unnie are supposed to walk together on our way inside the theater where the program will be held. Dahyun Unnie explained that she'd take care of Sana for me and that I don't need to get jealous, because she loves Momo Unnie and this is just work for them both. Since that day, Sana and I barely had a talk, she went out with some of her friends the day after because I was going out to Lotté Park with Dahyun Unnie and Chaeyoung Unnie. I let her be because I know she doesn't like Dahyun Unnie too, because back in the competition Sixteen, Dahyun Unnie almost costed Sana not to debut, because of a certain Ariana Grande song we did and we were lacking coherence.

Dahyun Unnie made a comeback though and I ended up getting eliminated in the last episode but was brought back by Park PDnim because I was popular with the viewers. That was my saving grace, I was not as talented as Momo Unnie or Dahyun Unnie or even Sana. I can't sing and my dance moves aren't as clean as Momo Unnie or Sana's dance moves. I often get the choreography to our songs wrong. I have nothing else but my outer appearance and my subpar dancing. 

I promised not to get jealous, but I can't even imagine Sana being held by someone other than me. Sana was mine, my future wife and mother of our kids. Because Park PDnim was in the room during Sana's outburst, I told him I can work with Jeongyeon Unnie. It was the least thing I could do. After crying at the question. Sana became a little distant. I looked at her as she stirs in her sleep. I removed my gift for her birthday from its hiding place. I opened the bag and held the small box that had the ring. I stared at the ring fot a long time.

Thinking about Sana and her reaction. I kept the box in my pocket and went to the bathroom to freshen myself up. Brushed my teeth and washed my face. I brushed my hair and ordered the breakfast for 9 people. I waited for the orders to arrive in the living room. I sat silently as I think of a way to give this ring to her. Ultimately, I decided to wake her up and give her the birthday gift before everyone else saw it. Yes, that's right, I'd wake her up later, so as to avoid teasing from the other members. I received a text from the delivery guy, he said he'd arrive in 5 minutes.

I went down to the lobby of our dorm building and waited for the delivery driver to arrive, dressed in thick jogging pants and a thick hoodie to keep me warm. It's winter seasoon in Korea. The food was already paid in app. Another message came and it said that the delivery rider was here. I put my phone back to my pocket and gave the delivery rider 10,000 won as tip so he could buy something for himself in this cold weather. The delivery rider profusely thanked me and I bowed to him and told him, thank you for working hard through winter and then walked away to the elevator. I pressed 20th floor button and waited for the elevator to reach our floor.

Once in the 20th floor, I saw that some of my members are already awake and are currently looking at the fridge for something to eat. I entered our dorm and told them to help themselves with the breakfast I had in 9 bags or so. I lost count of the bags I carried.

"Thank you Baby Chew." Dahyun Unnie was the one who spoke.

"Welcome." I replied before entering our room to wake up Sana.

I found Sana still sleeping soundly at our bed, I typically don't bother her with sleeping in, but today is her birthday and I was not able to greet her at exactly 12 a.m. because Dahyun Unnie and Chaeyoung Unnie brought me out to have drinks, the rest of them surprised Sana's V Live while I stayed with my fellow School Meal Club Members. We've had a few drinks, then decided to go home and I fell asleep waiting for Sana to come home so I can greet her. Sana looked peaceful and her sleeping figure looked like that of a Princess. I sighed at the view before me and sat beside the bed. I kissed her cheeks, nose and a peck on the lips. She's 3 years older than I am and yet, she looks like my age, acts like my age, even our fellow members and Nayeon Unnie to be the Maknaes instead of Chaeng and I. Sana had expressive eyes, her eyes talks to you and at some performances she'd even act as if she's seducing the entire population of Men and Lesbians in Korea much to my distaste. Her eyes should look at me and only me like Chaeyoung once said to Mina Unnie, but I can never ask the Sanaconda to only look at me, she's a grown woman that knows what she's doing. 

"Baby, wakey, wakey." I whispered to her and began to kiss her all over her face. 

She stirs for a moment and groans at the incessant kissing I was doing on her face, she tries to flail her arms to stop me from kissing. 

"Mmm... Baby. Stop. Waking me up. Let me sleep." Sana said.

"Baby, the rest of the members are outside, they might devour your favorite food if you don't get up." I whispered to her.

"Let them. Stay in bed with me." Sana commanded me.

"Baby, I'm hungry too." My voice  pleading to her sleeping figure.

She flutters her eyes open, she finds me pouting at her and she smiled softly before encircling her arms around my neck and pulling me back in bed.

"Why are you pouting baby?" She said as she eases our body so that we are hugging, one willingly and one unwillingly.

"Because you don't want to eat your breakfast." I looked up to her in a pout once again.

I ordered a traditional Japanese Breakfast spread awaiting for us outside our room. I had the restaurant label Sana's Food with a heart and her name, so that the members will know not to touch those, but knowing Jeongyeon Unnie she'd probably be the first one to have a bite of Sana's food.

"Awww... You really want me to eat breakfast with you, huh?" Sana said lightly teasing me.

"Yeah, that and I am hungry. So hungry I could eat a whole Sana." I replied teasing her back lightly.

She kisses me on the lips, a wet peck more of and smiles at me before releasing me from the hug. She got up from bed and once she was up, I hugged her from the back as she brushed her teeth, I watched as she gargles and spits out the water she used to gargle . She looks at me in the mirror about the oddity of my behavior towards this particular morning. Her brows furrowed and I smiled at her. 

"You're behaving oddly today, what's up?" She asked me her eyes boring deep into mine.

I got the ring from my pocket and brought out the box that had the ring.

"Open it baby." I replied to her.

She took the box from me, her eyes never left mine as I still held her in a back hug, our reflections on the mirror of our bathroom. As soon as she did, she looked down the box and her eyes a mixture of tears and another mix of giddiness and excitement. Paired this with her fruity giggle, a habit she had when she's happy or finds something funny. She turns around so that we are hugging.

"You bought this for me?" She asked me.

"I made it for you." I replied.

"You did? Just when did you find time to do this?" She replied.

"Christmas Eve, Mina Unnie and I went to Ring University and made this ring. Don't worry, we have one for every member, so no one will suspect." I replied to her.

"Awwww... Baby! I'm so happy!" Sana said jumping up and down.

She engulfed me in a hug and tiptoed to plant a kiss on my lips. 

"Thank you baby." She said additionally as she buried her nose at the crook of my neck. 

Sobbing altogether as she held on tightly to me, as if she was losing me. 

She pulled away from the hug and places a teary kiss on my lips, this time deeper than how she always kissed me, this kiss was soft and there was a tongue asking for entrance to which my mouth automatically opened to welcome Sana's tongue. A kiss I've never had before. The first official kiss I've ever had. She was dominant, like a school bully looking for a fight, her target is my tongue and m

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