14: No Sana, No Life.

Never Together
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Tzuyu's POV:

It has been 3 months since I left JYP and Twice. To say that my life right now has not been a burden is a lie. I miss seeing Sana first thing when I open my eyes. I miss her cuddling me, I miss her preparing my breakfast. Most of all, I miss having 7 Unnies who doesn't let me do chores. I've been trying not to give in to Sana's messages, asking me to come back or at least let her know where I am staying. Her messages are left seen, I typically text her back or message her back within a few seconds, I always answered her calls in one or two rings. To add fuel to the fire, JYP announced that I left because I breached my contract, the nerve of them accussing me of breaching my contract. So, I retaliated by filing a case against them, I want them to feel the burden of having someone on their tail.

On top of hearings, I've been looking for a land to erect my company building. I have a meeting woth a property owner after dropping off Mina Unnie's birthday cake. The company colors are purple and navy blue, we already have a sapphire logo, the company was already registered, thanks to Jeong Unnie who got Sana and the rest of the members to sign the documents. Jeong Unnie always sent me food for the day from her Mom's Restaurant. Everyday, I would tell her to stop sending me food, but she refused to heed my requests. She says it's her way of taking care of me since I was alone in Korea. I appreciate her for that.

I live in a condo one of several condos I had in Korea, I sneakily invested in Condo Units and rented them out to others. Sana and the rest of Twice didn't know that I was a Land Lady on the side. The first 1 Million I got, I went ahead and bought two pre-selling Units which is now this and the other one in the next building, after that, I bought three more and had those 4 rented out. My Income was then invested in stocks and the rest was for my daily life as a former Girl Group member. They are big eaters after all, often Sana would ask for Chocalate bars and sweets. She also often requests dishes from Momo Unnie or Mina Unnie and if she does, you best believe that I'll give the two money to shop for groceries for Sana.

I was a closed off, rarely talked to my members type of person. So no one ever really got to talk to me and got to know me, except for Sana, Jeong Unnie and Mina Unnie. I hated discussing my life as if I was special or something. I was always just silent and smiled at the members often. Laugh at their jokes and pranks. The rest, I was still a mystery until I left JYP. Jeong Unnie didn't tell me how Sana was coping, she just says she's doing well and eventually saying she had to go because of their schedule. I guess, it was better not to hear how Sana was doing, so that I could focus on putting up my own company. I planned for the company to be located a block away from JYP, just to piss off Park PDnim and for him to be reminded of how he failed to protect his artists.

Today is Mina Unnie's birthday, I was at a cake shop, buying her a big cake to share with the rest of the team. The design of the cake were Penguins skating on ice, while one of the penguins wore a crown and is in a ballet pose which referrences to Mina Unnies love of Penguins and Ballet. She was a Ballerina, studying at a school for Ballerinas in Kōbe, Japan. That was why she moves elegantly and had an impeccable dancing style. The cake looked cute and I imagine her squealing in delight as she always had when she loves a surprise. The shop owner was nice enough to accommodate my requests, though she only had 4 days to make the cake.

I was just waiting for the shop owner to finish tallying my purchases, I also bought other treats for Sana and the other members. Mina Unnie said they'll be at a restaurant for lunch to celebrate her birthday and asked me if I could come. I said I'd drop by to give her her cake and treats for the other members but couldn't stay for long. I'm just literally leaving the cake to her and I'm off to somewhere. I can't let Sana see me, I'd be an emotional mess. So, I wore a pair of sunglasses and a men's button down shirt over my own white shirt, I wore a wide legged pants and a mid-length coat. Typically, I wouldn't wear this type of outfit, I'd be in either my oversized shirt or hoodie, Jogging Pants or Skinny Jeans or a Feminine dress.

It was spring time in Korea, the sun shines but not as intense like in the summer, I look completely out of place like a Korean Drama actress. Flowers bloom around Korea and it's typically hard for Sana to go out during spring time as she had a pollen allergy. She'd get allergic rhinitis everytime she goes out in Spring. I always brought her a mask whenever we'd go out to see the cherry blossoms in a park. While I enjoyed spring, Sana hated spring and enjoyed winter season so much that she even takes a long bath in the tub waiting for the water to cool down on a cold winter's day. She even turns off the heating in the room and on these days, I'd stay on the dorm's living room or join Mina Unnie and Chaeyoung in their room to watch animated films. Mina Unnie is like family to me, we were both foreigners who loved to dance.

The restaurant is a three blocks walk down from the cake shop I am in, so I'm not in a hurry to be there. After the shop owner rang up my bill, I paid her 100,000 won and told her to keep the change as a thank you for fulfilling my request for a cake good for 8 people. I sent a text to Mina Unnie and told her to wait for me by the front of the restaurant as I am on my way there. After sending the message, I carried the box of cake on the left and the bag of baked goodies on my right. I walked briskly to the restaurant and soon got there and Mina Unnie was there waiting for me. Mina Unnie smiled warmly at the sight of me and ran to close the distance and hugged me tightly.

"My Baby Tzu." She whispered into the hug.

"Mina Unnie." I whispered back to her.

"How have you been? Are you taking care of yourself? Who are you living with? Are you eating on time everyday?" Mina Unnie whispered frantically one after the other as she still hugged me tight.

"I'm doing well, yes, I am taking care of myself, I live alone, yes, I am eating on time. You don't have to worry, Unnie, I am a big girl now." I replied to her.

"Nooooo you're my baby. No. You'll always be my Baby Tzu." Mina Unnie sa

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