Never Together

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A SaTzu Fan fic where in Tzuyu gets tired of the same Fan Service the love of her life Sana engages in. She decided and this decision affected Sana or did it?


It was the night of Gayo Daejeon, a gathering of artists from all of Korea, it doesn't matter if you are part of the Big 3 entertainment companies or not, we are gathered here regardless if you belonged to a sketchy company or the better ones like JYP. Hello, my name is Minatozaki Sana of Twice. A girl group signed under the Big 3, JYP Entertainment. We just got out of the van, my love went down first and had a blanket in her hand, and before I could come down from the van, she had drawn that blanket to block any unwanted photos. Such a gentlewoman that she is. She towers over me and as well as the other members. She wore a black maxi dress, while I wore a short mini dress. The mini dress I wore tonight in my opinion was very provocative, I may as well be walking the red carpet that kind of provocative. But of course, the K-Press' Camera started flashing as soon as my love alighted the van and had the blanket drawn and came into view was me, followed by Nayeon Unnie, then the rest of Twice Members. She waited for everyone to alight the van and she clasped her arms with the blanket and walked with me to the red carpet.

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