19: Tzuyu's Birthday Late Lunch

Never Together
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Sana's POV:

After our Interview, I went back to SaTzu and Co.'s Building to go on a date with Tzuyu. I'm glad she okayed the idea of going out to eat together when I brought it up earlier, with me are Dubu, Momo, Yoo and Bunnyeon Unnie, we used Yoo's car to get to SaTzu and Co., I'm grateful that Yoo agreed to drop me off, they were going to Dubu's house in Seongnam-si to start composing the song we planned on releasing as a Thank you to our onces. On their way back, it was agreed that they'd pick me up so we can all head home to our dorm. Tzuyu and I needed the alone time, given that we haven't seen each other for 6 months now. Luckily the rest understood what I wanted to do and have supported me through it. Jihyo, Nayeon Unnie and Momo shopped for Tzuyu's gifts, they were the ones who got me my own gift for Tzuyu this year. Yoo was the one who took care of our breakfast earlier, her Father had cooked those special meals that Tzuyu liked. The cake was taken cared of by Dubu, Chaeyoung and Mina.

Everyone pitched in for the surprise for Tzuyu and I could say she was pleased about it, of course we can't let her birthday pass without celebrating with her, like we always did. I mean, we were busy the previous years, but it didn't stop us from celebrating all those years. We always had a birthday surprise for our Golden Maknae. Either first thing in the morning before the crazy schedule sets in or before the day closes to an end, we would often celebrate her birthday in the Green Room, Van, Dorm or Practice Room. Whereever we were supposed to be that day, we will celebrate with her. In the beginning, because we only had limited anount of money and we aren't paid just yet, we would always pitch in to get her even just a Mini Cake or her favorite Chocolate Bread or Chocolate Cupcake from the Convenience Store and stick a small candle from someone's birthday cake into the Bread or Cupcake so she could have her birthday wish granted.

Same for the other's birthdays, we would do similar things, either bread or a mini cake if we were lucky to have enough money to buy a mini cake, often store bought cupcakes were what we used. Tearfully we would sing Happy Birthday to the celebrant, because we all had a hard time in training for god knows how long, especially for Mic, Bunnyeon and Yoo, their birthdays are often tearful for us to celebrate. Because these three were the ones who had the most difficult training life, 5 years into Mic's Training, that's when Yoo and Bunnyeon arrived in the company. Ever since then, these three were like the Parent line of Twice. They'd often check and make sure we were feeling good before they check on themselves. I don't know how Mic did all those training for 10 years, being alone because she started training at 8 years old, after winning a Traineeship with JYP.

Mic was the strongest member of Twice and her voice is so loud that you'd think we are in a Military Camp. Even Bunnyeon Unnie shuts when Jihyo is angry at us for our constant laughing and loud mouths. Mic was always the strict leader, she's serious about her job as an Idol Star. This is the reason why Tzuyu and Mina decided to put up SaTzu and Co., so that after our contracts have ended in JYP, we could all be together, taking with us at least half of JYP Staff. The staff at JYP loves Twice and there are staff and managers who are ready to go with us should we leave JYP.

Once Yoo arrived at SZC Entertainment Building, she reminded me to come back here at 7 p.m. they will pick me up here where they dropped me off. I replied to her and said.

"Okay Yoo, thank you for driving me." I replied to her.

"You're welcome Sattang, now go and have a nice late lunch with Baby Tzu." She replied and smiled at me through the rearview mirror.

I got off her SUV and quickly made my way into the SaTzu and Co. Building, I found Tzuyu waiting for me in the reception area of the building. She must've been excited to see me, a smile formed on her lips as I approached her.

"Sorry, I kept you waiting, is lunch still on your schedule?" I asked her pouting.

"It is still on my schedule, I've been busy fixing some stuff jn the office and was now free to go to lunch." She replied with the same gentle smile she has for me.

How lucky could I get? Honestly, how lucky am I to have her with me right at this moment? I can't begin to explain it myself, but I know I am lucky to have her with me, all those years ago when I felt lost and almost gave up on my dreams of stardom, she was with me, easing my fears away and holding my hands tight as I became Twice. We are Never Together but I feel like we are actually together now, that if I sleep a few more days, I get to be with her, like a child waiting for her Christmas gifts, I was beyond excited for October and be with her, loving her and her ways, loving our life together and everything she does. Tzuyu is more of Service kind of love language and I was more of Clingy love language, she allows me to cling to her although she was uncomfortable, because she loves me, she couldn't say no to my advances.

She took me by the hand and walked over to the elevator. I don't have an idea where we are going. We were supposed to get lunch out of the building. She smiled easily at me as we rode the elevator. She punched 19th floor where our shared office was located. The space was big and the suspended full body window was a delight to see, truly a off to JYP. The elevator ride was silent but calm. Tzuyu held my hand like a kid, who anytime soon might get lost. I giggled slightly at the thought. Something Tzuyu has noticed.

"I knew you wanted to go out, but we can't, the press is hunting us down, what I am up to right now is being watched and I am sorry we can't go out and eat a proper lunch, just us two." She spoke to me softly.

Her voice had a tinge of weariness and tiredness, like the past 6 months have finally caught up with her body.

"It's okay, Baby Tzu. I just wanted to spend the day with you, whether inside a building or out, I just wanted to be here for you." I replied to her softly and smiled.

The elevator ride was quick and soon the doors opened, she pulls me with her to the hallway of the 19th floor. The hallways weren't like earlier, it looked lovely with the lights on, the two toned walls with our favorite colors were lovely. The mood lights were also lovely and the doors had similar mood lights in them. She ushered me to our shared office space, which was now decorated with our photos from concerts, CF Shoots, Magazine Shoots and the Photos we shot of each other. The awards we received individually was here too, that was why there were things missing at the dorm. Because she planned to decorate the room with it. The display cabinet had our awards in them. Most Shipped Couple of The Year, K-Pop Greatest Duo of the Year, Candler's Top 10 Most Beautiful Idols then there was Female Artist of the Year, Best Song of The Year, PAK Awards, Artist of The Year, Best New Female Group Artist and Best Female Group Artist photos were displayed proudly on the cabinet, albeit the Trophy was in JYP. There were name plates on each of the Photos there.

It was true, we won the most shipped couple of the year once, then K-Pop Greatest Duo for five consecutive years, the power our Sapphires holds. We got the Greatest Duo award because since the CHEER UP Era Comeback we had, our lines always overlapped and the choreography we did had us both doing stuff to each other such as but is not limited to acting cute or pretending to give each other a kiss. Until the very last comeback we had for last year, we won that award. There were a lot of memories in this ro

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