17: Dubu's Birthday

Never Together
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Sana's POV:

Today is Dubu's Birthday, we surprised her with a birthday cake on her V Live Broadcast. Although Dubu and I had already sorted out the beef between us 2 months ago, I'm still trying to avoid her out of habit, since Chewy had left me 5 months ago. I went home first, without the other members and I am now lying on my bed, my phone in hand, as I tried to back read the 5 months worth of messages I sent to Tzuyu. I thought for the mast time, I'd send her another message to tell her I am giving up on texting her. That I will ket her be if this is what she wanted. So, I typed my message, the final one that I would send, when suddenly she replied to my previous messages, the first reply she sent me was.

Baby Chew💙: I'm sorry if I left and didn't tell you. I just thought you'd be better off with out me. I never meant to hurt you babe, it's just a rough time for us and we both know it. Please take care of yourself okay? I'm fine and I miss you too. I miss you, baby. My Satang, my one and only Sana. I am doing well these days, I found a property which I bought, I'm now building our office building. Did you see the blueprint I sent to Minguin Unnie? I built the building with thoughts of you and our future. I hope to be with you soon, Sana. For now, please make sure to take care of your health okay? Please, no more skipping meals.

Her first message read, I thought I was hallucinating so I got up from my bed and slapped my cheek before checking on the message box. I saw that she really did message me.

Me: Baby? You replied?

I sent the message to her.

Baby Chew💙: Yes, I did. I did reply Sana. How are you doing today?

Me: I'm doing fine baby. 🥺😭 I can't believe you finally replied. 🥺 I miss you babe. So much. 🥺😭

Baby Chew💙: I miss you so much too, why are you crying? Don't cry baby. Please? 🥺

Me: I'm not crying. 😒 I'm mad right now, because you disappeared all of a sudden. 🥺 Just let me be please. 🥺

Baby Chew💙: Okay. I'm sorry baby, really I am. I'm sorry for not even responding to your messages and I'm sorry for not picking up your calls. I just thought you'd scream at me. 🥺 I just miss you now. 🥺 Please forgive me babe. 🥺

Me: I already forgave you even before you said sorry. ☹ I just want to hear from you and I almost gave up sending you messages. ☹ so tell me, why did you leave?

Baby Chew💙: I left because I want you to continue being Sana of Twice, Because if I didn't leave, you would still not talk to Dahyun Unnie. I know it was because of my jealousy why you don't talk to Dahyun Unnie that much. I also thought that the team will be okay if I left.

Me: What? Who says we didn't need you?! We needed you! We always do! I need you! ☹😭

Baby Chew💙: I know now, Sana. I'm so sorry for leaving you and the group. It will never happen again, once October comes. 😊

Me: Why are you not sleeping yet? It's late. ☹

Baby Chew💙: I just finished a meeting with Lee Chaeyeon and Miyawaki Sakura. I'm signing them along with their former IZ*ONE members, Kim Chaewon, Yabuki Nako, Honda Hitomi, Kim Minjoo, Choi Yena and Jang Wonyoung. They all agreed tonight. 😊

Me: Are you home?

Baby Chew💙: Yes, I am. I already went ahead and took a bath, I'm in bed now. Wondering if you are okay. You are okay right?

Me: Yes, Yes. I am okay. We are preparing for our second comeback on June 25. I'm really happy for you and for our company. I'm rooming with Jihyo right now, after you left. 🙂

Baby Chew💙: Okay, Thanks. Do great my Satang. We should sleep now. You must be exhausted already. Thank you for answering my message. I love you more than I have yesterday, my Satang. Sweet dreams and sleep well.

Me: I love you more too. I miss you, baby. Thank you for sending me a message and thank goodness you are doing well. Keep safe okay? Don't miss your meals. I'll see you on October. Good night and sleep well babe. 😘🥰

Baby Chew💙: Thank you, you too. Don't miss your meals. 😡 Good night babe. 😘🥰

Me: I will try. 🤪 Thank you and good night babe. 😘🥰

I didn't look at my phone anymore after sending the last message. I placed my phone on the side table and plugged it in for charging. I tried to think about the day we meet again on October. October is a hectic schedule for us, we'll be doing a series of anniversary promotions like the previous years. Then a V Live for the anniversary which will be simultaneously broadcasted on Youtube. After the announcement that we won't recontract with JYP, we will take a 2 day hiatus before we appear at SaTzu and Co. Entertainment company. On the 20th our stuff will be out from the dorm, as early as now, Momo and Mina had found a place for us to stay in, we already moved some of our stuff to that dorm. All we are waiting for is the day we have that anniversary V Live. Momo, Mina and I had paid in advance a year's worth of stay in that dorm. Minguin told me that Chewy is launching her entertainment company on the day of our anniversary as Twice. Imagining the regrets JYP will have, the staffs and managers are planning to mass resign on the day of our anniversary. Right after our live, they'll turn in their resignation and move to SaTzu and Co. Our anniversary will cause chaos for JYP and we've made up our minds, there's no turning back now.

JYP of course had been scrambling to release statements regarding Tzuyu, updating people of the progress of their lawsuit. Tzuyu was being constantly placed under bad light. Though the members knew it was not Tzuyu's fault but rather JYP's fault. We couldn't speak out and protect Tzuyu, because JYP will caught on. So as much as we wanted to clarify things, we kept mum about the issue and went on with our lives just like how Tzuyu wanted us to do. I fell asleep soon and was awakened when Jihyo was nudging me incessantly to get up.

"Sana Unnie! Wake up!" Jihyo said.

A groan of frustration escaped my lips as I sleepily inquired.

"What?! What do you want Jihyo?" I replied sleepily and irritably.

"Your heart Unnie." Jihyo said laughing.

"You little !" I exclaimed as I threw a pillow at her.

"I'm kidding! I just want to wake you up because your Knight Chewy sent us breakfast and cake for Dahyun." Jihyo said.

"Ok, are the rest awake?" I asked Jihyo as I stretched my body from sleep.

"No, Tzuyu sent me a message to wake up first and the rest after I've woken you up, she's afraid Jeong Unnie will devour your food. So, hurry up, Satang Unnie." Jihyo said smiling as she got up from our bed and bounced off to the door.

I got myself ready, brushed my hair and my teeth and put my hair up in a messy bun, I went out of our shared room and went to the dining table where I found the bags of food. I started to bring out the food my Chewy had sent, I found the boxes of food and there was one box labeled with my name and a heart. Typical Tzuyu, she does this everytime she orders food for me. It's cute seeing '사나 ❤' my Korean name written on the take out box. I went ahead and got my box. I laid the rest of the boxes on the table, based on their seating arrangement.

Soon, the rest of the girls were already at the table. Dahyun and my box were somewhat similar, only hers contained her favorite Korean Breakfast where mine was my favorite korean dishes, al

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