24: October is here (Jeong Ver.)

Never Together
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Jeong's POV:

It was 8:15 a.m. already but the reporters haven't reported about Tzuyu's case against JYP and likewise the Senate has not yet approved the bill Tzuyu lobbied for artists. Our Baby Tzu has fought a lot of battles including speculations about her reasons for leaving Twice and JYP, I understand my baby's dilemma having had the choice of her stardom or her personal life. I am honestly worried about her right now, but I can't call her just yet, I refrained myself from calling my baby Tzuyu. Tzuyu is a good kid, she thought of us as a whole group before she left. She spoke with me numerous times leading upto that day she quits JYP. Tzuyu was Nayeon and I's baby, we favored her ever since becoming members of a Girl Group that is Twice. She's silent most times and through the years would take videos of us in the green room. She loves filming us doing all sorts of fun she said that our smiles is as beautiful as the sky above us, brighter than the sun and stars combined and she said it uplifts her mood.

The members knew about her filming us, they also understood when she gave me a letter to be read to the other members that those videos will be used as evidence in court. We consented to that, to let everyone know the truth about JYP, a lot of people had a notion about JYP being one of the Top Three Korean Entertainment Companies, that it was nice to be employed with them when it isn't the case for me and my girls. We were overworked the first Two years upon Debuting, appearing on shows and festivals, chasing our dreams, chasing our stars. Mic was listening along the Youtube broadcast of one of the Korean News Stations that was respected among us, because they only broadcast the truth. I'm sure Tzuyu would release her statements, one for her personal thank you and what not and then the other was her announcement of opening her very own Entertainment Company.

It was jittering as we listened to the broadcast, we are hoping that the court favors Tzuyu, I hope so and I want her to feel at ease already, much has happened with out Twice as a Team and Family by her side. My poor baby had to deal with these people and us her family couldn't do anything about it. The magnitude of her troubles and hardships was something immense, I've watched all her news report interviews and she still smiled elegantly, like Minaring, but I could recognize it wasn't the same smile she had. It didn't quite reach her eyes like her smile did in the previous years that passed. She's still quiet and mysterious, she held secrets to her that no one knew, no matter how close they were. Kyulkyung, her fellow Chinese and K-Pop Idol from Pristin, once said that Tzuyu was hard to get close to, because she's the silent type. She's not easily amused by pranksters like me, she only glances and looks at me, her face void of any emotions then her eyes shifts from expressionless to rage, this scares me and I knew I should shut up before she hits me with her fists. I apologize to her right then and there, because if I don't the Taiwanese might tear me to pieces or something more severe than tearing me apart.

Mic and I waited for the news, they're discussing some keypoints about the case Tzuyu had filed for defamation and violating her contract and making her do projects she didn't want to take part in, especially that LGBT Jewelry Brand, not because she wasn't a member of the LGBT Community, but because she was jealous of SaiDa, the tandem everyone liked. Shippers were happy and I was ultimately paired with Minaring to do another shoot for them, because Tzuyu left Twice. It was a good thing, that the CF wasn't released just yet. The company and the photographer were understanding of the predicament and Park PDnim talked to them and convinced them not to release anything yet, the day after Tzuyu left. We were still cutting some papers to be used for decoration purposes as we waited for the other members to arrive.

This was the last thing we are going to do. The rouse was on, we would go out of JYP with a bang, we will pull almost everything JYP had and take back what's rightfully ours. After this trial, JYP will go down, we anticipated the demise of JYP and Park Jin Young PDnim. All of these will end in a few minutes and the K-Pop world will never be the same as it was, JYP will go down as the company who lies and frames their artists for things they didn't do, such as breaching their contracts.

"Mic, let's be better entertainment company owners. Once we get out of all these okay?"

"Okay, Jeong Unnie, are you excited?" Mic asked me and paused from cutting the papers.

"Honestly, I am worried for us, the wh

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