29: Twice's Appearance at SaTzu and Co.

Never Together
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Tzuyu's POV:

It was Saturday, the day we officially introduce Twice formally to the press and SaTzu and Co.'s Official Press Launch. The last time was only Twice's Public Friends. Two days have past since Twice left JYP and since JYP was currently busy appealing to the court and scrambling for his company that's in shambles now. We were busy too, making our comeback today too, we've practiced the song for about two days consecutively. We didn't do a tiring choreo, we were just sitting at the performance. Showing off our vocals to shutdown everyone who was saying we couldn't sing, especially Momo Unnie, who had the highest notes in this song. The single was already released and the comment section of the Youtubeusic Video, Sana and I shot together with the other members, was filled with comments from our Onces. Mostly from SaTzu Sapphire shippers. Saying that they love our acting together and some even said we make a great couple. We needed about One Hundred Thousand Comments on the experimental Music Video, Sana and I shot. This will determine whether we are coming out to the public or not.

We were preparing for today's SaTzu and Co.'s formal Press Launch, after Twice had a rest for two days. Everyone was busy finalizing the official Press Launch. We are continuing posting of silhouette photos on Instagram. First of the series was RVCupcake, followed by 4PM, then Somi, then I*WANT, Jessi, Crush and then the great IU, final was Twice. The teaser photos were mysterious and cool with purple, Navy Blue and black backgrounds. The company's colors were serious on the Navy Blue part, but I love Navy Blue. I look good in the color. So as the most of my artists, they look good in Navy Blue. The teaser photos will be revealed who these artists were. We decided not to change Twice's group name, we're staying with Twice. We had everything changed into our email, we left nothing except that old instagram account. 

The Official Press Launch of SZC Entertainment is underway, everyone's busy preparing for the press launch, we've invited this time, all the Korean news outlets, unlike the selected few at the company launch. Twice was already on their way here, my security guards are all on High Alert and Stand By. Somi who was now writing her new album's songs was lounging at my office at the 19th floor. While everyone was coming and going to my office. I have initiated an open door policy in my office. The door is always wide open. First to arrive was RVCupcake, they're here in my office  right now, getting theirselves settled.

Irene Unnie was leading the rest very well. I was in awe of Unnie's silent and matured caring for everyone in the team. Irene Unnie speaks 'The Leader of RVCupcake', her silence and her movements embodies qualities of a great leader. It's no wonder that her members, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy Unnies and Yerim is always obedient to her. We happened to schedule a lunch meeting in the previous months with the then Red Velvet, Unnie was always making sure that her kids as she calls the members have enough food on their plates. She also refills them, she takes out fish bones in the fishes and gives each of her members slices of the deboned fish. The vice captain of their team, Wendy Unnie who acts like a Father to her team, giving everyone in the team support, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Unnie was nice to everyone, she's a pleasant human being to be around with, they are the seniors in our company, together with 4PM and Twice. They are also our executive producers. Because it made sense to me that I am no where near JYP or SM's Prowess in producing music for the company. I was merely backing them up with money and promoting their activities but the bulk of it, RVCupcake, IU and Somi will have to move on their own.

They are the ones to suggest the whole thing of launching and releasing teaser photos. They are guiding me together with IU Sunbaenim, who seems to know a lot with their work, IU Sunbaenim also recruited all of her old staff from her previous label. So did RVCupcake and Twice. We are starting a clean slate as we've each brought to the table helpful staffs and everyone in the industry is within my reach already. RVCupcake especially had connections of their own. No one could say no to them in the industry. Often it was those other staff who felt like their presence is a great favor on their behalf, like they were blessed with five talented and beautiful members of RVCupcake. Everybody treated Red Velvet with respect, including Somi who looks at them like her own Unnies.

"Unnie, can you read this for me? Like rap this line here." Somi said to Irene Unnie.

Irene Unnie gracefully went up to Somi and held Somi's phone, she silently read the lyrics first. Then she warms up by clearing several times. She started rapping the lines Somi just wrote on her phone. Everyone was looking at the both of them.

"Unnie, do it with more feelings in the middle of the line." Wendy Unnie said to Irene Unnie.

"Like this? We are queens at the thrones, ruling the world, taking th

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