28: Staff Meeting at the New Dorm

Never Together
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Sana's POV:

We've arrived at our dorm fifteen minutes after we have ended our live broadcast on the V LIVE App. The staff members we've recruited from JYP have gathered with us in the dorm. We are just discussing with them today about the formal press launch of SZC Entertainment. Which was set to happen on October 22, 2022. We wanted to brief them of the plans, Tzuyu and I formulated through the last four months we've worked on our thank you album. We already had it released in the charts, but we needed to perform it on music shows, the new single of the album was set to have a performance from us on music shows across Korea. After the formal press launch, we'll perform at music shows all nine of us. We are starting a new chapter in our lives. We needed to plan our next move. One step ahead of JYP and the K-Idol Industry.

I was assigned by my fellow members to lead the Staff Meeting, while Bunnyeon Unnie was ordering food so we can all eat lunch as we discuss our activities in the coming month and the next year. Tzuyu was also discussing the first two year goal of our company to the press and fansite masters of each member of Twice. I often wonder whether we should keep our names just like GoT7 or rebrand ourselves as a new group. It was however nonsensical to rebrand ourselves when we already have our group's name and it was easier recall, we never talked about rebranding ourselves, but of course there's two days left to decide whether we'd rebrand or keep the name Twice and Once.

We are now strat planning the next few months of our transfer to SZC Entertainment. Tzuyu was face of the public while I was the face of the company to our employees. Since I originally trained to be a leader, I took initiative for Twice and since my portion were bigger than them and the company's name was mostly Tzuyu and I's name combined, it was a consensus vote among the members that I lead the staff meeting. I was also assigned as COO and VP Internal Operations of SZC Entertainment. It will be announced on Saturday.

I was excited for Tzuyu and her leadership. Our golden maknae suited being a leader because of her elegance and matured look. A year ago, a fortune teller actually predicted that she could become an executive music label producer or VP of  JYP. Either she leaves JYP and establish her own or stay at JYP and get promoted as VP¹. She never remembered that prophecy Mic explained this to me on February, one of those days that I didn't want to go out and mingle with them. In my mind that time, I blamed Dubu for my Tzuyu's departure from JYP and Twice. My mind was set that time that her unnies lacked guidance and that we failed to protect our Tzuyu from leaving us. Dubu and the others failed to protect our Tzuyu, when it was merely Tzuyu fulfilling her life's prophecy, that's why us six elders didn't do anything to stop our Tzuyu.

The others knew about Tzuyu's plans while I was left in the dark. All along all of them knew that Tzuyu will establish her own company. No one could stop her, because Tzuyu was fed up with JYP. She also happened to dream for us a better company that allows us to have our own creative styles as musicians and the best she could do was to establish her own company. Going back to that fortune teller prediction, the fortune teller's words came true right before their eyes, when the other elders of the group found out that Tzuyu has registered her business and trade name to at the Department of Trade in South Korea, everyone was in awe of our Tzuyu. They didn't remind our Tzuyu of the fortune teller prophecy, she was told she has the same star power as JYP, that the world Tzuyu attracts were as great as Park Pdnim's attraction to the Korean Public.

The public, including Dubu, Chae and Yoo's grandmas and mothers all loved JYP artists such as Rain. It was their grandma or mother's fulfillment that their daughters or grand daughters came and trained with JYP, Chae even went as far as taking home her drinking cup from when she first auditioned in JYP and got in. Yoo's grandma for example always dreamed for Yoo's popularity, she dreamed that one day, Yoo will become a K-Idol, she has achieved her grandma's dreams post humously. We even visited her Grandmother's grave one time upon debuting, before the show aired and we already knew that we were Twice, Yoo actually wanted us to get to know Grandma Yoo she convinced us to let her introduce us to her dead grandma's grave. We went and we all introduced ourselves to Grandma Yoo's grave, Yoo is a sweet granddaughter like that, after that, I cried alone in my dorm's bathroom, because of how bittersweet that moment was for Yoo, it pained me to see Yoo, struggle with her feelings for Grandma Yoo's loss, Yoo was typically a prankster and always laughed at situations she shouldn't be laughing at, she's a great company, a great friend who was valuable to us as Twice and as a Sister.

Yoo resented her training years, Yoo felt that JYP caused her not to debut earlier, when her Grandma was still alive and strong. Yoo wanted to make her Grandma proud, the sole person who Yoo was close to in her family, because it was Grandma Yoo, who always encouraged her to fight, she supported 2Yeon, Grandma Yoo was first to approve Yoo's relationship with Bunnyeon Unnie. She spoke with Bunnyeon Unnie before she passed away, Grandma Yoo's last words to her is to never leave Yoo's side, even if they became popular singers. Which was why, over the last three years, even though Yoo struggled mentally, Bunnyeon Unnie patiently taught Yoo that she was loved and appreciated by not only her members but people who loves us Twice and the staffs. Yoo who was parent line of Twice together with Bunnyeon Unnie had crippling anxiety attacks, the jokester Yoo feared no one will care had she died or stopped being Twice. Just like Mina, who went as far as imagining herself unloved by the public and losing us Twice and Onces, she imagined herself disappearing into obscurity and a dark place where she was alone and unloved, her parents not there, I may never understand how that felt for Yoo and Minguin

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