11: Waking up without Chew

Never Together
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Sana's POV:

I woke up at around 10 a.m., Tzuyu wasn't in bed anymore, so I decided to check where she might be. I called her phone but she didn't pick up my call. I didn't notice her coming home last night from the LGBTQIA+ Jewelry brand shoot yesterday. I waited for her but may have fallen asleep because, where could she be? Did something happen to my baby Chewy? Why is she not answering her phone? She answers me after a ring usually, even if she was in a meeting with Park PDnim or shooting something outside of our schedule. This is odd definitely. I got up from bed and noticed that her things on the study table was gone. I walked to our closet and saw that the left part had no more clothes, everything that is Chewy's were no longer here.

Oh God! Did I upset her yesterday? How could I? When I was the one whose jealous of her and Jeong yesterday! Is she serious? I cursed myself for not trying to find her yesterday when it was already late. If I looked for her this wouldn't have happened. I rushed to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face, I grabbed two jackets, one a thick hoodie and then the other one a padded jacket. I put on my sneakers and rushed out to the living room. Same time that I was rushing I heard Yoo call me, I looked back to her and said.

"I can't talk right now, my baby is missing and so are her things!" I said to Yoo.

She shook her head and said.

"She has a meeting with Jin Young Park PDnim." Yoo said calmly.

"What?! Why?! Tell me why Yoo Jeongyeon!" I asked Yoo, my voice laced with worry and fear.

"ing tell me now, Yoo!" I followed up after she hasn't replied for a few more seconds.

"Let's have breakfast first, Satang. Come with me." Yoo said softly at me and held out her hand.

She drags me with her out the door, into the elevator, and out the building, then into a tiny coffee shop 5 blocks away from our dorm. We walked for a while, she wouldn't say what's happening to my baby despite me asking her several times into the 5 block walk. She sat me at a cozy table for two, obscured by other tables, she wore a hoodie like I did and a padded jacket to combat the coldness. I stared at Yoo as she sat in front of me. Her head bowed with the hood covering her face.

"Satang, I know you have a lot of questions right now. I'll tell you what I know, I can't answer the rest." Yoo said seriously.

"Just in tell me Yoo! Please! I'm worried about Chewy!"

"Let's have breakfast first, shall we? You need to eat first, Chewy will be mad at you if you don't eat." Yoo said as she signaled for a waitstaff to come to our table.

"Yoo, I beg you please. Tell me now. Please. Why the is she talking to Park PDnim? Why the are her things missing?" I said to her begging her to tell me what happened.

A lone tear escaped my eyes.

"Please, Yoo. Please tell me what happened. It's my fault isn't it? It's my fault why all of her stuff was missing, she's probably asking Park PDnim to transfer her to a different dorm or something." I said crying.

"I'll explain in a bit okay?" Yoo replied to me.

"Yeah, we'll have Set Meal C for Two. Then two lattés. Please." Yoo said to the waiter.

"Don't worry about Chewy, she's a grown woman now. Hush, Satang. Chewy wouldn't like to see this." She said.

"Just ing tell me now, Yoo. Please! I can't eat without knowing first! Why are her things missing?" I replied to her.

Yoo Jeongyeon sighed and reaches in her pocket to give me 5 envelopes. The first one was labeled Sana, the second business papers, third was When you're feeling unsure, fourth was When you're feeling Sad, fifth was When you are given a set of choice.

"What's this?" I asked Yoo.

Although I recognize the hand writing to be Tzuyu's. I'm still confused about what this is all about.

"Read the first two envelopes, the three remaining whenever you are going through something." She said.

"Okay." I replied to her.

I opened the first envelope, careful not to ruin the envelope. A long letter was in the envelope, written by my baby in Korean Language.

My Dearest Sana,

First, I want to apologize for everything I did prior to you reading this letter. I'm sorry that you worried about me. I need you to listen to me carefully and with an open heart. The reason why I left JYP Entertainment is because I got fed up with how Park PDnim treats Twice as if we were his cash cows. I can't take that anymore, not when it's hurting you to see me jealous. Most definitely not if it hurts you and not when you are careful of yourself and the way you interact with Dahyun. I know you would try and talk me out of this, that's why, I didn't bother talking to you about this. I just want to freely love you someday, Sana. If I wanted that, I need to let you go for now, because if I don't, we won't be free of Park PDnim. I am letting you go for now, babe.

Please never renegotiate your new contract and tell him that we should be allowed to love another woman, because I'm sure he'll terminate your contract. So, just please, don't speak out even if your heart is breaking. Even if it tells you that it's me you love. Love yoursel first, babe. Then we can be together, I'll be back in October and we are going to love freely. Next, I am going to put up an entertainment company, I need you to sign the business papers included in these 5 envelopes. Open the second envelope please and see what awaits in our future, after signing give it back to Jeong Unnie. For now, promise me you'll never miss a meal, promise me to smile.

I'll be watching you from afar until October. So don't dare miss any meals, don't dare frown or pout. Take care of yourself for me, babe. I'll see you on October, meet me at the Han River Park, the old bench we used to sit at. October 23rd, 12 nn for a picnic lunch. I'll bring all of your favorite things, all you have to do is go there. Wear any clothes you like, just don't ever come . Stay strong, my Satang, Smile through everything, please show me how much you hate me now by smiling, make me suffer by smiling. Be happy babe, you deserve all the happiness in the world, I'll be back, I promise.

I love you until the sun dies multiply to 100. See you around, baby.

All my love,
Mrs. Minatozaki Tzuyu 💜💙

I opened the second envelope and found a bunch of papers. Written in them is a company name. SaTzu and Co. Entertainment Corporation (SZC Entertainment), co-founder was Minatozaki Sana and Company. There was also a Sapphire Logo registration. SaTzu shippers call themselves Sapphires, because apart from the Sapphire being the second hardest gemstone next to Diamond, it was also the birthstone of people born in September, which is the month between her birthday June and my birthday December, an Indigo Sapphire, because it was always associated to purple light, Purple is one of my favorite colors, which happens to be my representative color in Twice. Indigo is Tzuyu's favorite color. Sapphire is also the stone of our planet Saturn or to be specific, my birth planet. SaTzu shippers are incredibly smart people.

I looked into Yoo's eyes, searching for truth. She couldn't leave JYP, she can't just decided to leave me all alone. She spoke immediately.

"There's no one that could stop her. Not even you and I could. I guess that's good for her. Our Baby Chew is a grown woman now. She fought so much against herself, against Dahyun, against JYP and against all the ridiculous rules, it was only a matter of time, Satang, before she made this decision, I expected her to give up the 2nd year." Yoo said softly.

"How could she leave me?" I asked Yoo.

"She had her reasons, we both know that. Maybe more than we ever thought. Let's not be selfish and try to change her mind about all of this. We both know we tried to protect her, we always did our best, Sana-chan, now she has reached a decision. It was difficult for her too. I wouldn't want her to do this all over again. Stay for the sake of what Sana? For the sake of the group? Stay for your sake? She has the right to leave if she felt like she isn't needed in the group. As for us, we won't be renegotiating our contracts anymore. We will finish our contracts and leave JYP. Tzuyu is setting up an entertainment company. We can't just leave out of nowhere. We need to stay here for the time being, Satang. I know it hurts, but surely Tzuyu was hurt too. Staying with JYP is hard, we both know it, even as Trainees, you know it was hard to keep up.

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