25: Guilty Verdict

Never Together
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Tzuyu's POV:

It's been 9 hours of us staying up, it is currently 8:00 a.m. and I was waiting for the judge to announce the results of the case, live via phone patch. I've already forwarded to the media copies of my two versions of the first statement I made. The voice of my lawyer on the other line could be heard.

"Ready your honor, on behalf of my client Ms. Chou Tzuyu, we would like to read a victim's imapct statement, we are sorry that my client can not come today, Ms. Chou is busy attending to some business matters. I will now read the impact statement from Ms. Chou as follows." A pause was heard on the other line.

"Your Honor, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, Good morning to you. In my years of training and working for JYP, I have worked tirelessly, even bending my knees down just to match the height difference of my team mates. I was never considered by Mr. Park as a valuable part of my group, Twice. He always neglects me and dare I say my team too? Our interest, feelings and health was not taken into consideration by Mr. Park, often signing us up on things we may feel uncomfortable doing, because all Mr. Park cares about is Money and the image of his company, there was no regard for our feelings, safety and comfort, as stated on our contracts, he should consult us of any projects he signs us up for, but through out the six years I worked with him, not once did he consult me or my team.

The last strand happened December last year, he signed another contract with an LGBT Jewelry Brand, to cover up his stance towards the LGBT Community, this industry forced him to 'Make Peace' with the LGBT Community at my expense and three others, he signed a brand deal to 'Appease' the LGBT Onces and Sapphires, all because he was forbidding anyone in his company to fall in love with the same , he signed the brand deal without considering the members that were supposed to do the ad campaign. He signed without consulting us to see if we wanted to do the campaign, to see if any of us supported the brand or the brand's advocacies. As a former member of Twice, I liked to think that all the brand deals and campaigns I did were good for my fans, good for their health and good to the community. I would never endorse something that will put my Sapphires in danger, I was a Strong Ally of the LGBT Community, millions of letters, gifts and messages were received from the LGBT Community, all of those letters I read through out the years, while I couldn't answer them, they tell me that they were being opprossed and that my existance was the sole thing that keeps them going, I was enraged by Mr. Park's stance with the LGBT Community and I couldn't let him do things for his benefit, it was time I stood up for the LGBT Community. The point is, Mr. Park never once considered my feelings, my health and my emotional well being. He only considers ' The Benefits' for his Company, JYP and JYP Nation, while I know this is just for business, I refuse to be a part of a 'pretencious' deal, which only aims to steal money and dignity of my precious Sapphires and Onces, I stood for the LGBT Community as I was thought and raised by my parents and religion to recognize all kinds of love and all kinds of people.

After I left JYP, a statement was made by Mr. Park's Company, stating something to the effect of I was the one who breached my contract and not them, it made my Sapphires worry about me and about my Group Twice. Even though on that day, we had a meeting early in the morning, we agreed to terminate my contract because I felt I no longer belonged to JYP and JYP's Values were not the same as mine. He once again proved why his company was the worst ever company to work for, because up until the end, he chose his ego and his 'image', I had to file a case to let him know that he can no longer manipulate me, that he was not like 'My Father' because My Father is an Honest, Kind, Accepting and Loving Man, My Father recognizes the LGBT Community as Normal people as Hetero ones.

Your honor, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury. I would like to beg your understanding and give me the justice I deserve, I went away from JYP because my conscience could no longer tolerate his cruelty and his huge ego. A fine of 100 Billion Won for all the inconvenience, permanent knee damage, voice damages, personal damages and attorney's fees and a guilty verdict, will help me move forward to my bright future ahead of me. I would like you to please consider my case please charge him with a guilty verdict, Thank you, your honor and Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury.

Eternally Grateful for your consideration,

Chou Tzuyu

My lawyer read my statement and the judge's voice was heard in the court room.

"Mr. Park, as presented to this court, you have indeed neglected the best interest of your artists, not only did you violate their contracts but your greed and your uncaring nature has proven the court that you are uncapable of running your company, I don't understand why your company is part of the Top Three, hav

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