22: October is here (Sana ver.)

Never Together
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Sana's POV:

Mic and Yoo went ahead early in the morning to have a meeting with Park PDnim, but they woke me up before leaving so that I could prepare breakfast for the team. Before they left, they instructed me to get ready for the day, both of them hugged me from each of my sides. A few weeks ago, we polished the Thank you album for our onces. Before they left, I handed them each a sandwich and a bag of chips and a juice box for breakfast, hoping they would eat it while on their way. We've been hectic the past few weeks as we sneak past JYP's prying eyes on us, we've been rejecting his recontracting offers and Mic and Yoo had to face him each time. I honestly just wanted to end the misery that is JYP. The team was cooperative with the album we've planned to release. Tzuyu will be releasing the said album to our onces right after our V Live ends.

The plan originally was to walk out from the company, we will just tell Park PDnim that we will talk to him right after the anniversary live ends today, but in reality, we didn't want him to suspect of the plans we had on walking out on him. We made sure of course that all activities will halt at the anniversary day of Twice. We fought him for that, because we didn't want to work for him anymore. All the comeback activities was done over the last four months, the third and last comeback started right after the second one ended, we told JYP that we wanted to go with a bang for the anniversary and we convinced him that it was better to work hard for the last 4 months before our contract ended because our onces will be happy and excited about the anniversary and we told him we wanted to build up some surprise for our onces. We told him we've been working on an elaborate surprise, when it was us quitting his good for nothing company that we worked hard for over the years. It was an act of rebellion for Twice.

Dubu was the one who played the piano on our newly composed songs. The titles of the two new songs are, Future Perfect and Because of you. Future Perfect was Twice telling our plans for the future, it was us telling our onces of our dreams, the fears we had for the future, that we are helpless in 'his' clutches, alluding to Park PDnim himself, because we were being extra for this project, we also shot a 15 Minute Music Video for this song, Tzuyu and I played the couple in the music video, the video started of the courtship phase of us, then we became steady girlfriends, then the jealous feats of Tzuyu, then hurting me physically, then me fighting back and breaking free from her clutches. Then the music video cuts to me breaking free from the shackles that Tzuyu put me in and then briefly cuts into another part where I met Once and held their hand, a symbolism of what we havw done with JYP.

Bunnyeon Unnie was first to wake up and was now with me in the kitchen, she made me coffee since that's the only thing she knows how to do. I smiled as Bunnyeon Unnie sat sleepily in the table, all of us didn't quite get a good night's sleep, we wrote letters to Main Fansites and another one for our onces. We also wrote down on cue cards the things we wanted to talk about in the Live later today. Tzuyu was supposed to release a statement before our V Live broadcast. I opened the television earlier and is now blaring at the back ground, amidst the noises from the kitchen. I was listening fo Tzuyu's Case trial outcome. The Korean news outlet was discussing the case, everyone was speculating things about Tzuyu. The reporters were gathered outside Seoul Central District Court awaiting Tzuyu's trial outcome. Bunnyeon Unnie was watching me prepare today's breakfast as I listened to the blaring of the TV.

"Are you feeling jittery today?" Bunnyeon Unnie asked me.

"No, Unnie. I don't feel any jitters at all." I replied to her.

"A little worried then?" Bunnyeon Unnie asked me.

"Not that either. I'm excited to move forward to SaTzu and Co., It's just that." I replied to her with a smile.

"Awww my baby hamster is growing up so fast." Bunnyeon Unnie gushed at me.

"Yah, Unnie. Wake up the rest please, we need to get ready and help Yoo and Mic prepare the room." I shooed her off the table.

She stood up amd walked over to the rooms. Calling everyone loudly. I shook my head at how she called the rest to have breakfast. I cooked scrambled eggs, fried rice and some pan grilled meat and stir fried vegetables. I sipped on my coffee cup and then after making sure that the meat wasn't burned, I made Hot Chocolate for the two Maknaes as I was waiting for the meat to cook. After I finished makong their hot chocolate, I laid it on their respective seats in the table. Mina has taught me how to prepare her infamous Hot Chocolate, which all Three Maknaes of the group loved, because of one time she had to be in Japan for a quick visit to her parents and tell them of her plans for Twice. She borrowed money from her Father who works at a hospital as a doctor.

I was worried for my babe Tzuyu. All the what ifs have popped up in my mind. I remembered vividly Tzuyu's appearances in these news reports, back when she still hadn't replied to me. Back when she was giving me a silent treatment right after she left JYP. I can never begin to explain how much I missed my baby, today as we prepared to start the day, the last of our JYP engagements with our fans. I couldn't help but feel worried for our future as Twice and SaTzu and Co., as executive producers of our own artists, the company itself was a lot to deal with, what if we failed? What if we were sued by artists? What if... Every what if that I could think of popped inside my head.

Luckily for me Bunnyeon Unnie didn't push interrogating me. She understood me with just a look in the eyes. I didn't want her to worry about me. I'm sure I am just being a pessimistic and negative person this morning. A smile was plastered in my lips, I chose to remember Chewy's smile. It's what makes me strong and what makes me go through these adversities with a smile plastered on my face. Tzuyu who in a

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