23: October is here (Nayeon Ver.)

Never Together
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Nayeon's POV:

We were now having breakfast, everyone was seated in their seats. I worry about how Sana was feeling about everything, but she just smiled sweetly earlier and dismissed all the thoughts she had. The Hamster didn't want to worry me or anyone else. I maybe one of the rowdiest members, but Sana doesn't go unnoticed in my eyes, I know when she's feeling down and out of it. I ought to tell her something before we start our day, but I hesitated and decided to tell her later on. We were at last going to end our contracts with JYP and open up our own company with the help of Tzuyu and Mina. Those two kids are the teams pride and joy. Mina having trained for about a year and a half and being considered as part of a debuting team, that was a feat to achieve. Tzuyu on the other hand didn't need to perform the complicated JYP Choreography because of her talents in dancing and her singing voice was that of an angel. Truly multi-talented assets of Twice.

The team was like our kids, Jeong and I were treated like the parents of Twice. Since we were the eldest of the group. Jeong liked to clean in the dorm and often times scolds the group when the dorm was dirty. I don't scold anyone, because they're all grown ups and most of them will clean after themselves, but most times it'd take the rest of the day before anyone of them moves. After the breakfast, Dubu and Chae were tasked to clean the dishes, it used to be the Maknaes including Tzuyu who are tasked to clean the dishes after every meal and now that Tzuyu left Twice, the two had to clean the dishes. Sana and I went to the living room and watched the news for a bit. Since there are two bathrooms in the dorm, one inside Sana's room and one outside, we figured they can go first, because Sana and I hate being rushed when we are taking a bath.

We stared at the TV anxious about the result of the trial. Because this will mean that JYP will be exposed, if the results were in favor of Tzuyu if in favor of JYP, we will be leaving ITZY and Stray Kids to fend off for themselves. Just like how we've been left by Miss A and Wonder Girls. Those Sunbaes gave us an advise on how to care for our throats, both girl groups also advised that we don't recontract with JYP. It might've solidified our decision from the beginning, probably at the back of our minds, but because of how busy we are the first three years of our stardom, we might've forgotten about that until Chewy decided she had enough of Park PDnim. I honestly thought Chewy would leave after the first year was done, I'm impressed with how resilient she was and how she survived six years with us.

Sattang held my hand, the hamster was worried for her lover, Tzuyu. I understood her completely, if I was in her shoes, I'll certainly speak up on Tzuyu's behalf and lecture the press about leaving alone our group's maknae. But of course, Tzuyu didn't want us to speak, all we are allowed to say was, 'No Comment' on the matter at hand. October 20th was important because Tzuyu was also lobbying for the Korean Senate to pass a bill to have all the Entertainment Companies to always consider the artists' feelings and safety. To pay them right and fair and to allow the artist to terminate her contract if they wish to because they are not okay with the treatment and also a harsher punishment to the CEO of the companies who do unspeakable things for an artist to debut. Twice was lucky to have debuted with the Korean Top Three Entertainment Companies, because if we weren't if we belonged to another company, many of us will have to do ual favors for the CEO.

I've heard rumors about these and it was talked about in our circles. Top 3 Companies don't do these, Yerim from SM would say that she had it hard in training so as Jennie from YG, but none of these friends experienced being asked by the CEO to do ual favors and acts. I was proud of our Baby Tzuyu, who was fighting everything wrong in the industry we are in, at least for the baby groups of JYP, they wouldn't have any problems. They can leave with a choice in their hands. The reporters said that the decision was going to be released today, I whispered a little prayer for our Baby Tzu, alot has happened over the last few months she left us, I am hoping that whatever the results might be, she will be happy with the results.

Loving our Baby Tzuyu was like loving a mini Yoo Jeongyeon with her demeanor of keeping things to herself. My love Jeongyeon was the same, she always kept things to herself until she was diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorders three years ago. I watched Yoo as she let all her demons chip away the best parts of her. Helpless and the sole thing I can do was to initiate skinship with her, especially during the times she was having them on broadcasts. I love the old Yoo Jeongyeon who pranks me and the others, the Yoo Jeongyeon who will applogize to me everytime I fell victim to one of her pranks often hugging me and making me feel safe in her arms. Jeong and I slept in one bed at the dorm and the last three years, was agonizingly painful for me, because I felt all the changes she had. I refused to believe that my Yoo Jeongyeon lost her magic, that over the span of three years, my Jeongie's self esteem has withered away with no explanation whatsoever.

I stayed because I was p

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