5: Christmas eve with the J-Line and Chewy

Never Together
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Sana's POV:

It took me 25 minutes before I got out of the bathroom. I got out dressed in a Jogging Pants and a loose fitting shirt. I saw Tzuyu mindlessly scrolling through her phone. I smiled at the sight of her. I went to my table and got the sketchpad she bought along with ink and Calligraphy Brushes. I tried to write 'Love' in Japanese Calligraphy. We have three writing systems, Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana which could be interchanged, but we mostly use Hiragana and Katakana, Kanji is used for Formal Writing. I learned all three of them when I was in Grade School and High School. I made the first and found my hand a little stiff, so after the first, I lightened my grip on the brush and found myself writing effortlessly. I smiled almost to myself, once I finished writing the word.

Next, I wrote Tzuyu's name underneath the Calligraphy of Love. Once done, I showed it immediately to Tzuyu. Her brows furrowed once she saw the what I wrote, she understood her name but not the Love Calligraphy.

"What does it mean? I only understand my name." She replied.

"The bigger Calligraphy is the word Love." I said smiling at her.

"Thank you Sana-chan." She said appreciatively.

"Welcome, Chewy-chan." I replied.

I settled beside her and hugged her sideways. I was looking at her phone and found that she was looking at Twice Memes. She puts her arm around me as I settled into her hug.

"Sana-chan, any plans for your birthday?" She asked me suddenly, though I expected she'd ask me again this year.

"I plan to stay home, I already bribed Momo-chan on staying at home with Jokbal." I said proudly smiling at Chewy.

"Okay, so how about we cook for you?" Chewy asked me.

"That sounds good too, but we have a schedule the next day, we'll be staying there late, so as much as I want you and the team to cook for me, I can't do that." I said with a pout.

"Okay, we'll order assortment of foods for you, whatever you'd like to have, just tell me and you got it." Chewy said smiling.

I was usually spoiled by Chewy, be it on normal days or special days such as my birthday. Everything she gives me were things I could use, she mostly gave me socks, pillows or stuffed animals, sometimes she would buy me sunglasses, that is why my desk looked like a tsunami had came by my desk. Because Chewy would buy me cute stuff such as sunglasses, head bands or hair clips. Every one of them was displayed in my messy study table. I'd often wear each one on our performances. My favorite hair clip she gave me was hidden under lock and key as well as my other prized pieces. Every girl does that right? They keep their most prized or their valuables under lock and key right?

"Chewy, don't spoil me too much, all I need is you and the whole team complete on my birthday." I said smiling at Tzuyu.

"That's pretty simple, Sana-chan. Would you be mad though if someone gave you jewelry?"

"Eh? Why would that someone give me jewelry? I mean I have my own Jewelry from Mom and Dad. See? Look." I replied to Chewy and showed her the necklace I was wearing and the tiny heart pendant it had and my earrings.

"I know Sana-chan, but please answer my question." She replied her voice is a hint of exasperation.

"I won't be mad. I'll thank them profusely of course." I replied.

Chewy kisses my forehead then and smiled at me after.

"Good, Sana-chan. Do you want to take a nap?" She asked me as she puts her phone down and eases her body down our bed.

I followed suit and soon, Chewy was cuddling me in a spooning position. She whispers to my ear.

"Sleep well, Sana-chan. I'll wake you up after 20 minutes. Good night, baby." Chewy whispers.

"Thank you, Chewy-chan." I replied sleepily and fell asleep.

-20 Minutes Later-

I woke up with Chewy incessantly kissing my right cheek and saying 'Wakey, wakey, baby' my eyes fluttered open and looked at Chewy's eyes. She smiles once I was awake.

"Let's have snacks?" Chewy asked me.

"Okay." I said groggily.

Tzuyu waited for me to finally get up from bed, I straightened my hair and held her hand as we went out of our shared room. We found her father on the living room, watching all of our music videos as if he hasn't finished watching any of those. He smiled upon noticing Tzuyu and I and waived us over to sit with him in the couch. It seems like just a year ago when Tzuyu and I went to vacation with them in Thailand, we also came out to them as wives and they were okay about it. Tzuyu and I joined her father.

"Sana-chan, how are you coping these days?" He asked me.

"I'm coping well, Bàba." I answered him. Tzuyu's father corrected me when I once called him Uncle, he insisted for me to call him Bàba.

For her mother, likewise, I call her māma. Because she also insisted that I call her that. Both of Chewy's parents have always treated me well, it was like Chewy and I were really married. I wish Chewy and I could really marry each other right now. But because of our work as a K-Pop Idol Star, we couldn't. I don't want to quit JYPE for Love, because I worked hard to debut with Twice and there is no way I'll let Chewy quit her dream job too. So, we needed to wait until our recontracting offer comes around next year. October 20, but as early as June, we will be renegotiating our contracts with Jin Young Park PDnim. Maybe even February, I'm not sure. Jihyo was still collecting our non-negotiables, to be drafted by a lawyer later on and we will be presenting this to Park PDnim. Our leader Jihyo and assistant leader Jeongyeon were working hard for all the members of the team.

"Good to hear, Sana-chan. I'm sure you miss your parents alot especially the holidays and your upcoming birthday." Bàba said sadly.

"It's fine Bàba, I'm used to it by now. My parents allowed me to go and train in Korea, even though I was already training as a J-Pop Idol in Osaka. I guess, the team had become more like my family. Jihyo and Jeongyeon being the parents of our team." I replied with a reassuring smile.

Chewy could only watch as me and her father conversed.

"Uhmm. Bàba, we'll just eat our snacks, do you want us to bring you some?" Chewy said to her father.

"Okay, go ahead and eat your snacks, I'm still full. Maybe later." Her father replied.

"Okay bàba. We'll be right back." Chewy replied.

We went into the kitchen and there māma was still cooking as Momo and Mina helped her. Mina smiled at us and said.

"Almost done cooking snacks. Wait a moment, Sana-chan, Chewy-chan." Mina said with a smile.

"Thank you, Mina-chan." Chewy and I answered in chorus.

We sat on the table and watched as both Momo and Mina were cooking. Momo was one of the members who knows how to cook, next being Jeonggyeon, Mina and I. All four of us would often cook for the team. Jihyo, Chewy, Nayeon, Dahyun and Chaeyoung couldn't cook. Chaeyoung could only make salads and dressings, while Dahyun only knew how to make juice and shakes. Chewy and Jihyo only knew how to fry an egg, chicken, pork and fish. While Nayeon only knows how to boil wàter and eggs. It was the J-line who always does the grocery shopping and meal planning for the team. Mostly we go for saucy or soupy dishes to share among nine members. We seldom fry, grill or barbecue the meats, because we know that this will not suffice to all nine members. Except of course if we just got paid or our allowances came in, we'd often buy meats or lobsters to grill, fry or turn into barbecues.

Chewy especially loves Spicy Tuna Kimbap or Cheesy Kimbap. Just those is enough to satisfy her, which makes it easy for me to buy her things from the convenience store. She likes Breads and Kimbaps. Chewy eats everything we feed her, she's not at all picky unlike me. I detest any dishes that has eggplants or beans in it, because the texture turns me off. I would rather eat pig's trotters than eat eggplants or beans. Something about eggplants and beans makes me want to throw up. I suspect my system doesn't accept it. Soon, Mina was done cooking, she plated the Hotteok she just cooked. There was a bunch of them, enough to feed the whole of Twice.

"There you go, eat up. I'll cook another batch shortly." Mina said smiling as she got two pieces and tore it into small bite size pieces, feeding Momo one.

"Mmmm. This is delicious Mina. Arigatōgozaimaa, Honey." Momo said in delight.

"Dōitashimae, Honey." Mina said 'You're Welcome, Honey.' in Japanese.

Mina calls everyone in the dorm, Honey when she's in th

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