6: Christmas Dinner with J-line and the Parentals

Never Together
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Tzuyu's POV:

Sana and I are inside our shared room, getting ourselves ready for Christmas Dinner. We changed into our best clothes for the evening. Taiwan always celebrated Christmas even though 95% of the population was not Christian or Catholic, they still celebrated the Christmas Holiday and exchanged gifts. While in Japan, the Christmas Day was like Valentine's Day in Japan. Young Couples would go out and have dinner, often through reserving a table for two and exchanging gifts. Unlike in Taiwan, where people even sell Christmas items, wear Santa Hats and knows who Santa Claus is, in Japan these are non-existent. Though both countries do not declare this day as an official holiday, unlike in Korea where it was an official holiday. Sana was dressed in her Red Sleeveless Blazer Dress that falls below the knee from Balmain and I wore a Pastel Green Embellished Crepe Dress from Balmain. We bought this for each other very recently. Sana was tagged as Twice's Cutie y, just like Cutie y Joy from Red Velvet which was from the competing company, Sana was tagged as such by fans because of her fruity fresh visuals and when dressed in a short or body fitting dresses that leaves little to the imagination, she becomes a y and sultry woman.

There was even a fan made video of her 'glow-up' from Cutie to y. The video started with Shy Shy Shy Sana doing the point choreography of Cheer Up then a slowed down transition to Sana's Point Choreography for Verse 2 on our latest song Cry for me. Her insane visuals suited both cutie and y persona. After getting dressed, we went out of our room and found Mina Unnie and Momo Unnie dressed in their best red and green dresses. Momo Unnie wore a Green Dress and Mina Unnie wore a Red Dress. Mom and Dad Wore Red and Yellow matching outfits. We sat athe table and had fun eating delicious foods made by Mom. We told them how our year went, what we plan to do as next year rolls around and our contracts are renegotiated.

Mom handed us the gifts for the other members and myself. I thanked both of my parents and sat with them on the living room and handed them the gifts that the other members bought them. Māma and Bába were surprised as always to get 9 gifts one from me and each of the members. We always saved enough money for our parents' gifts on Christmases and Birthdays. Sana and I always bought a gift for both our parents as a collective, but Sana is extra affectionate so she buys her own gifts for both of my parents and hers. Unless its something like Jewelry or Electronic devices, Sana always bought her own gift for my Parents. Sana smiled at both of my parents and thanked them for their support.

Mom and Dad stayed for about another hour, just talking with us and thanking the J-line for always taking care of me though it was mostly Mina Unnie and Sana who took care of me. Mina Unnie was comfortable around my parents too just like Sana. Momo Unnie is a little scared of Mommy, because mom had the power to make you feel worthless if you approach her. So Momo Unnie doesn't talk to mom unless mom asked her something. My mom is a confident in her own skin type of woman, she's classy and her beauty is comparable to a Miss Universe. She knows she's beautiful and Elegant.

Mina Unnie always refered to me as her baby, which makes Chaeyoung Unnie a little jealous. Though she knows I'm whipped for Sana, she's still slightly offended about it. I say slightly because she couldn't resist Mina Unnie's Elegance, Mina Unnie is like Mom, she's Elegant and classy. Almost always looks like she's bored of the other members' antics especially Jeongyeon Unnie. But she loves the others more than they let on. Though this is the case, Chaeyoung Unnie and I still have some episodes of skinship during broadcasts or any other day for that matter. She just easily gets jealous when it comes to Mina Unnie.

I guess, we are all like family to each other. I'm happy to have gained 7 sisters and a wife because of being able to debut with Twice, without this opportunity, I may have never gained such good sisters and a wife. I honestly see Sana as my wife, ever since we admitted that we liked each other two years ago. Since then, she became more and more like my wife, she always took care of me more than the others. Always there to hold me when I'm having a nightmare. For how long are we supposed to keep our feelings, I'm not sure. It keeps me tensed especially when Park Jin Young PDnim was around. A lot of times he'd caught Sana and I in a middle of a fight, Jin Young PDnim would always ask me what is going on and why am I not mingling with Sana. To which Sana will reply that either I'm not feeling well or I'm having my period.

When Sana smiles at people, people actually believe her bull of an excuse she makes up. She has everyone wrapped around her fingers, no further questions are asked when she says the excuse. I'd always end up just smiling half heartedly and tell Park PDnim that I wasn't feeling well or that my head aches or something. Sana and I always had mini fights when she flirts with the press and fans. I can't help myself but be jealous. I've always been jealous of the way she flirts back to fans and the press, often winking or smiling to them.

I wanted to be the subject of her affections, those are supposed to be mine and mine only. Her y and cutie vibes are supposed to be for my eyes only, I hate how the stylists make Sana wear a short dress that leaves little to the imagination. I hate the director of one of our music videos especially for Feel Special, Cry for me and Alcohol Free. I hate that they tell my Sana to act sultry in front of the camera, to pose seductively, I hate Park PDnim for giving Sana the sultry dance moves. The way the dance teacher guided my Sana with her own hands as she executed a sultry move. How Sana should dip her hips and little things like that, so that her is highlighted, I hated every moment of it.

Often times, I just want to disappear from the limelight and give up on my dreams of becoming a Famous Celebrity. I just want to finally give up becoming Twice so that I could be with Sana. Living a peaceful life with her. But I've met her at a time that I was in Training to become an Idol Star. This is where I met my Sana. Soon, both of my parents said their goodbyes and told me to take care of the birthday girl, Sana. They also told Sana to be careful always, my Sana-chan is a clumsy girl. Whether she's wearing high heels or flat shoes, she is most likely to trip and fall down flat on her face.

I bade both of my parents goodbye and they had me enveloped into a hug. It was comforting for me to be with them both. They looked me in the eyes and apologized once again for not being there constantly as I grew up with my members and not them. I was in the brink of crying senseless, but I stopped myself so that Mom and Dad could leave without worries. I smiled and my eyes was stinging me. Māma said whispered into my ears.

"Clear conscience never fears midnight knocking. Remember that my precious Chewy. I will love you no matter what you choose to be as long as you are not doing anything wrong." Māma said smiling as she kissed my forehead.

"I will remember that Māma." I whispered back into her hug.

"Go on now, it's getting late. Sleep well my child." She said as she pulls away from the hug.

"Thank you Māma. You and Bàba sleep well too." I replied to her.

Dad smiled at me and kissed my forehead.

"We'll be here for you and your sisters. All you have to do is call us, Chewy." Dad reminded me.

"Yes, Bàba. I'll keep that in mind." I replied to them.

"We'll be going now." Both parents said.

I waved them off to the elevator and closed the door behind me. I found Sana standing behind me once I turned from closing the door. Her sad eyes and pout told me she was about to shed a tear. I do what I can only do, I hugged her tightly as my hand glided up and down her back. Silence enveloped us both. I don't know how to tell her that everything will be alright, I don't have any guarantee that things will be better for us, if there was a thing I am expecting it is Park PDnim going ape crazy and screaming at us.

"Baby. I'm so sorry for everything." She said after a few moments of silence.

"Why are you apologizing for things that we have no control of? I want you to remember this okay? I never regretted meeting you, spending my days with you and neither do I regret falling in love with you, Sana." A short pause followed by.

"If I had to choose between you and my dreams, I'd choose you in a heart beat because you are the fulfillment of my dreams." I followed up.

She pulls me into a deeper hug and she spoke softly.

"I'll be the one to make a decision, baby. If I have to leave JYP Entertainment, I will. I'll gladly leave if it means I get to keep you and you get to keep your dreams." She said.

"Let's cross the bridge when we get there okay? We are not a hopeless case. If you leave, we'll go with you, Mina Unnie and I will put up our own Entertainment company, we'll sign each one of the members of Twice." I replied to her.

I thought this would make her feel better and reassured, but it caused her to cry even more. She's crying, no, she's wailing. Causing Mina Unnie to peek her head from her room's door and see what the ruckus was about.

"Chewy-ya, what happened to Sana-chan?" Mina Unnie asked me and got out of her room.

She approached Sana and cupped both of her cheeks.

"Sweet heart, what happened? Did Chewy say something bad?" Mina Unnie briefly widened her eyes at me.

I shrugged at her and Sana, Mina Unnie cooed at Sana.

"Shhhh... Sana-chan. Tell me what happened, did someone hurt our Sana-chan's feelings? Tell me who hurt you, I'll hurt them for you." Mina Unnie cooed at Sana.

"No one, Minaring, I was just touched

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