26: Twice Anniversary V-LIVE

Never Together
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Sana's POV:

We arrived in the JYP Building at around 8:55 a.m. and by 10:58 a.m. we are now gathered down the hallway, we were supposed to make an entrance to the training room one by one, by age order. I was the fourth to make an entrance, followed by Mic, Minguin, Dubu and Chae. We put our hands and screamed our chant. Mic led the chant.

"Na, Du, Set, Twice, Twice, Twice, Aja!" Mic and the others screamed.

We went back to places and Bunnyeon Unnie walked in confidently inside the training room, which was decorated by us and the cameras were set up already. We heard some clapping from the inside and I briefly saw Bunnyeon Unnie bowed down in front of the camera before taking a seat. We were in our halloween costumes this year too, like any other years we did an anniversary live. Bunnyeon Unnie wore a mint green hoodie, tiny little hairclips and a pink bow scrunchie, a black skirt and a white and mint green striped socks and a black school shoe. She's playing Vanellope von Schweetz this year. Jeong Unnie was playing Ralph. Momo is playing Mulan and I am playing Sakura Kinomoto of Card Captor Sakura. Mic was playing as Veigar from League of Legends, Mina was playing as Violet Evergarden, Dahyun as Papika of Flip Flappers and Chae was playing Benedict Blue of Violet Evergarden.

Chae looked cute with her blonde hair, she dyed it blonde and got a short hair cut like her previous cut but this one is much shorter with a long fringe, she styled her hair to look like Benedict. She put on some blue contact lenses and put on loose white shirt, tucked in with a black shirt underneath and olive green tight pants, she also had a pale-golden suspenders, fingerless gloves and black boots with cross shaped heels. She looks exactly like Benedict. I was scared to death but Mic eased my nerves when she held me into a backhug and whispered into my ear.

"We can do this, Satang Unnie." Mic whispered softly.

"We can." I replied to her.

Yoo entered the room, claps then a bow, then Momo, claps and finally me. I waved my hands at the camera and bowed 90° deep before taking a seat. The rest entered and once we were all in the room, Mic started the greeting again.

"Na, Du, set. One in a Million, Twice Imnida."

"Hi, I'm Nayeon." Bunnyeon Unnie started to introduce herself.

"Hi, I'm Jeongyeon." Yoo said.

"Hi, I'm Momo." Momoring said.

"Hi, I'm Sana." I said to the camera.

"Hi, I'm Jihyo." Mic said.

"Hi, I'm Mina." Minaring said.

"Hi, I'm Dahyun." Dubu said.

"Hi, I'm Chaeyoung." Chae said softly.

"Ahhh, Jinja, is it already our 7th anniversary? I can't believe it." Yoo started her MCing.

"Yeoreobun, Happy 7th anniversary to us." Bunnyeon Unnie said.

Everyone clapped their hands and made 'Yay' noises.

"Because it's our 7th anniversary, we are starting off with a game. Seven letter word acrosstic poem. Starting off with Sana." Yoo said and announced.

"Okay, Seventh is my word." I replied to the camera and smiled sweetly.

"Se!" All the members said.

"Smile Everyone." I replied to the camera.

"Oh, oh." Everyone voiced out.

"Ven!" The rest of the team said.

"Very Very cute when EveryoNe is smiling." I replied and acted cute for the camera.

The rest was in stitches laughing at me and the words I said.

"TH!" everyone screamed and tried not to laugh.

"THe best ONCEUUUUU!" I replied and acted excited in front of the camera.

Everyone is in feats of laughter at the words I said.

"Ne, let's give our Sana a round of applause." Nayeon Unnie continued.

They all clapped and giggled to my blunder.

"Yaaaaah, it's been seven years of us. 12 years in total for some of us. I'm happy we've reached oue 7th year." Mina said in front of the camera.

"Yeah, us too." Everyone agreed.

"Now to continue with our Anniversary Party, we will play another game, please grab your whiteboards and markers." Yoo said.

We all grabbed the items from the front seats.

"We're going to play a guessing game, who ever wins, gets to have Beef and Samgyeopsal Set. So, let's start?" Yoo checked in on us.

"Ne!" Everyone replied.

"Sana, read the first question please." Yoo said.

"Ne. What is my pre-debut nickname my Highschool friends called me?" I read the question.

"Ahh ah ah ah! I know this." Dubu said proudly.

I wrote the answer on my white board and waited for the rest to finish writing. My old friends from Highschool used to call me, 4DS or 4DSana, for my quirky and hyper personality. I wrote 4DS and a slash 4DSana.

"Ready?" Yoo asked the rest.

"Ready!" All three of us J-Lines answered.

"Yah! Wait!" Chae replied to Yoo as she furiously wrote her answer.

I caught a glimpse of Chae's board and it said Kim Sana. Which made me giggle to myself. It was funny because it was Yoo who first called me Kim Sana along with Bunnyeon Unnie. I quickly learned Korean in a matter of a year and in fact, I felt like I lived in Korea my whole life, leading up to me becoming a Twice member. There are times when I am in Osaka that I even speak Korean to my parents and grandma before catching myself and correcting my words. Being a star in a foreign land have helped me become an independent woman. Momo met my highschool friends once. They never mentioned my nickname 4DS.


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