Chapter 6

My Sunshine
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Mr. Kim dropped the empty box on the coffee table infront of them. 



“Didn’t you say that nothing could go wrong?! How could you let Yoohyeon steal the diamond?” Mr. Kim yelled at Bora.




“The security is very tight. No strangers can get near Queen Mary. The problem is.. Yoohyeon is not a stranger” Bora said hesitantly. 




“She is a member of this family, so the security didn’t suspect her” Bora continued, Mr. Kim scoffed.




“That rascal. She really wants to make me die of anger, doesn’t she?” Mr. Kim said angrily. 




“Why did she suddenly steal the necklace?” Mr. Kim asked, “Siyeon, what exactly happened with you and Yoohyeon in the room?” Mr. Kim asked Siyeon angrily. Bora glanced at her fiancé.




Siyeon looked at him nervously. Luckily, Dami and her crew walked in on them.




“Reporting to the Chairman, I'm very sorry but we couldn’t catch her” Dami said regretfully. 




“But the security guards and I saw Yoohyeon give the necklace to a girl, then they both ran off” Dami continued.




“Who is the girl?” The Chairman asked. 




“I don’t know. But this girl also met Yoohyeon at the airport” Dami said, Siyeon looked at her.




“Are you certain?” Bora asked, Dami nodded.




“Dad, I think Yoohyeon didn’t want to see her Mom’s possession be auctioned, that’s why she took it” Bora said. 




“Then that girl must be an accomplice” Siyeon muttered, “I think that Yoohyeon might have planned all this with that girl. She came back today so that she could steal the necklace because..” She looked at everyone before continuing,




“Because right after she came into the room, she walked towards the necklace. I trusted her too much” Siyeon said sadly.




“You can’t even safely guard Queen Mary, how can you become my daughter-in-law?” The Chairman scolded her. Bora looked at Siyeon apologetically.




“Use all resources available. We must find Yoohyeon” The Chairman ordered Dami and her crew.




“Yes, Chairman” Dami nodded before walking out of the room.




Yoohyeon’s POV



I stopped the car at some random park before getting out of the car.




“Get out” I told the woman before dragging her out of the car. 




“Ouch! Where are we??” She asked.




I opened the trunk before grabbing a hammer. I dragged her down the grass before placing our hands on the sides of the rock. 




“What are you doing? Stop!!” She yelled.




“Can you be quiet? Didn’t you want me to let you go?” I hi

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