Chapter 23

My Sunshine
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Minji’s POV



“What’s the meaning of that? Landlord and tenant? Is there a need to specify it so clearly?” I mumbled angrily. 



“Like she’s afraid that people will misunderstand. Is it really that shameful to have something to do with me?” I continued.



Yes, I overheard them talking after following them at the garage. I was going to give her an extra keys to our house but I overheard their conversation. Only until that landlord part though. As I don’t feel like hearing the rest.



I stopped walking as soon as I saw my uncle busy serving people at our small family restaurant. 



“Minji-ah! Can’t you see that I’m very busy? Quickly come over and help out!” I narrowed my eyes before looking over to the people who are lined up waiting to be served.



“Uncle, what’s going on? Why is business so good all of a sudden?” I whispered to him.



“I must thank you. Thanks to your girlfriend’s popularity, I managed to put a poster saying they’ll receive an autograph if they eat here” I looked at him in disbelief.



“She’s not my girlfriend! Oh my gosh..” I looked at the poster he did and facepalmed myself.



“How’s the poster? I specifically borrowed Yoohyeon’s identification card photo from the Village Chief to scan and enlarge it for this poster” He said proudly. I sighed before shaking my head.



“She’s gotten so popular all over the town and our neighboring towns after the race. Just go with it, have you seen our restaurant with so this many customers before?” He asked me.



“Your restaurant doesn’t have that much customers because your cooking . It’s very low class of you for using Yoohyeon’s looks and popularity to advertise!” I shouted at him.



“She didn’t even agreed on it” I continued before sighing. A few minutes later, I saw Yoohyeon walked inside. 



“Here she comes!” My uncle announced, making the people swarm Yoohyeon. 




She looked at me confused, I couldn’t do anything but to give her an apologetic look. She looked at the people before smiling and nodding politely.



“Minji! What are you still doing there? Hurry and help serve the dishes!” My uncle demanded. I scoffed before going inside the kitchen.



I cringed after seeing Yoohyeon looking at her poster while people ask her for autograph. I rolled my eyes before doing what I was told to do. I saw Gahyeon in the line. I quickly ran up to her.



“You too?” I asked her in disbelief.



“There’s something that I would like you to help me with, but I’m afraid that you will get angry” She said while pouting.



“What are you saying? I almost got you killed by Minho, so I owe you a favor. Just say it, I won’t get mad” I said.



“What’s your relationship with Yoohyeon?” She asked.



“What’s there between us? My relationship with her is only that of a landlord and a tenant” 



“She’s just someone who’s running away from her life. I have no relationship with her at all” I dismissed. 



“That’s great! Help me get close to her then” She said happily. 



“Just look how she’s willing to risk her life to rescue me from the evil clutches of Minho, even though we have never met before” she said while thinking of the incident that happened to us with the necklace.



“How can such person

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