Chapter 20

My Sunshine
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Minji’s POV



“Get that jerk!” Minho ordered his men. 



I saw his men grabbed Yoohyeon. They were about to punch her but she dodged them pretty well but the other guy on her left kicked her on her stomach causing her to scream from the pain.





I winced at the sight. She kicked the guy that was infront of her on his crotch before getting on top of him and started punching the guy on his face, but Minho quickly grabbed her away from the man before grabbing her collar and raising his fist to hit her.




“Hold on” She said making Minho stopped.




“Are you a real man?” She continued. I looked at her confused.




“What do you mean?” Minho asked.




“If you’re a man, don’t make things difficult for the ladies. Let’s have a competition” Minho scoffed before laughing at her.




“I see that you have a few cars parked outside, I want to race against you” I looked at her in shocked.




“How about it? Do you dare?” She asked while coming closer to him.




“I will take you on single-handedly” She said slightly mocking Minho. I frowned. Stupid..




“Are you courting death? Talking to a bunch of swindlers like you guys is a waste of my time. What a disgrace” He said before turning around.




“Do you dare? Scared?” Yoohyeon asked again but firmly this time. I frowned again before dragging her with me.




“What do you think you’re doing?? Are you crazy? Who asked you to come and rescue me??” I snapped at her.




“Aren’t you supposed to be leaving? Hurry and leave now!” I half-shouted trying to knock some sense in her. She just looked at me emotionless.




“Minho, don’t listen to her. You don’t have to take it seriously” I said to Minho. He shushed me before pointing at Yoohyeon.




“It has been a long time since someone has dared to challenge me” He said. I glared at Yoohyeon.




“How’s the person who challenged me the last time doing now?” He asked one of his men.




“He lost control of his car and crashed into the mountains. He has been in a vegetative state for about two years” One of his men replied. 




I gasped before looking at Yoohyeon worriedly but I found her looking at Minho expressionless.




“So what if you lose? And so what if you win?” He asked Yoohyeon.




“If I win, you will let Minji and the rest o

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