Chapter 13

My Sunshine
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4hrs later…


Minji’s POV



I slowly opened my eyes before fully opening them wide after realizing that I was leaning on her shoulder.




How come I was leaning on her shoulder??




I glanced at her peaceful sleeping face before smiling and leaning back on her shoulder.




But her shoulder is so comfortable.. No wonder I slept well. But is she really a thief?? 




Hm.. what a waste.. she’s really stunning up close. What am I even doing?!?! 




I blinked a couple of times after realizing that she’s awake and is now staring at my eyes. We’re a couple of inches away.




“What were you doing?” She asked me confused.




“N-nothing” s.. I stuttered. Aish..




“What were you doing why were you so close to me?” She said while grinning at me. 




“Ah.. you wanted to steal a kiss, right?” She said while smiling. I scoffed.




“In your dreams! I was just abandoned by my liar boyfriend, I wouldn’t fall in love with a thief again, okay?” I said defensively.





“I didn’t even mind that you are a con woman, yet you mind that I’m a thief?” She scoffed.




I gave her a look before looking away. What is she even saying..




“No matter what, once we arrive at Tomorrow Town, we have to get rid of our bad habits and start a new life” I said.




“Who’s like you?” She scoffed before continuing, “Don’t talk as if I were the same as you, okay” she said. I glared at her before looking out the window.




“Oh! We’re at Tomorrow Town!” I announced excitedly while pointing at the sign.




We both got out of the bus, I looked around.




Haa.. it has been a while since I went back. 




“ Town. I haven’t seen this sign for so long” I read the sign before exhaling.




“I’ve missed it so much, it’s good to be back” I smiled. 




“What do you think? Isn’t this place looks great?” I turned around facing her.




“Even the sign is blown askew, how great of a place can this be?” She scoffed, I glared at her.




“Didn’t you say that the air is sweet and the people are warm?” She said mocking me. I scoffed.




“Maybe the sign was blown askew by the wind and there wasn’t time to fix it” I said.




“You can’t judge something based on its outward appearance!” I argued.




“This is obviously a place that nobody wants to live in” She scoffed before walking away.




“Is there a garbage landfill nearby?” She asked while covering her nose.




“What garbage landfill? That’s the smell of durians” I replied. She turned around facing me.




“What? How can people live in such a stinky place?” She argued before continuing, “What ten thousand possibilities? Anything is possible except having durians!”



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