Chapter 22

My Sunshine
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Minji’s POV



“It’s going to start” Gahyeon said next to me.



I closed my eyes and prayed that Yoohyeon will arive safely at the finish line before slowly opening my eyes again. Gahyeon put her hand on my shoulder before nodding at me.



“They’re off! Minho is taking the lead, with Yoohyeon following close behind” Johnny said. 



“First turn! The. GTR’s horsepower is indeed much stronger than that of AE86. Up to now, we have still yet to see any signs of Yoohyeon” said the commentator.



“Minho is taking a big lead!” Announced one of Minho’s men. I saw the worried look of the villagers around me. I sighed while looking to check if Yoohyeon’s car is to be seen.



“Yoohyeon is now catching up and hot on the heels of Minho! Minho us using his car to block her and not letting her overtake” said the commentator.



“Minho is drifting earlier than expected! He now wants to force Yoohyeon to lose control and slide off the mountain road” announced worriedly of the commentator. I stood up before looking at the two cars below us worriedly and slightly shaking from nervousness.



“The two cars are now moving with speeds of over 130mph. Danger! It’s very dangerous to pass the turns with such speeds!” I gripped my pouch tightly as I watch both cars.



“The 86 is following very closely behind!” Minho’s men gasped. The villagers next to me cheered.



“Ey.. Minho’s GTR has so much horsepower, Yoohyeon definitely not be able to win against him on the third turn” Johnny said sadly. I looked at him before looking back below us.



“What are we going to do..” said one of the villagers.



“It’s the last hairpin turn! The road at this turn is the narrowest. Unless that girl has wings, or else she’s definitely not going to be able to pass Minho on this turn” I sighed before clasping my hands together.



“I think there’s not much hope left.. Everyone get your money ready and prepare to hand it over twice the amount of protection fees” said my uncle. 



“Let’s go.. let’s get in the car” said Johnny’s dad.



Flasback to an hour ago..



“Lucky star, give me a kiss..” at that moment, I gave her a kiss. A soft and quick kiss hoping that not only will she win but also to get back here safely. 



“I don’t want to see you lying to people all the time. Your life can’t go on like this. Promise me one thing. If I win, you have to promise me that you will never tell lies again. Don’t be the Minji that cries wolf ever again. Just take it that you are repaying me for helping you with this” She said while I look away, avoiding her gaze after the kiss.



“If you come back safe and sound, I’ll promise you that I won’t lie again” I said, she leaned in before saying,



“You’re not lying to me on this, right?” She raised her eyebrows at me before smiling. I playfully glared at her.



“Don’t worry, go wait for me at the finish line” She said before nodding and telling me to go back. I sighed before nodding and doing as she said.



End of Flashback..



I was about to turn around when I heard the commentators gasped.



“They’re almost at the finish line. Only one car can be seen currently. It’s.. it’s AE86!” I widen my eyes before smiling widely and almost immediately running towards the finish line. 



She stopped the car in front of me and quickly got out the car. She looked at me smiling proudly. I smiled after wiping my tears and hugging her immediately.



The villagers cheered happily behind us and Minho’s men walked up to us.



“Minho-ssi, I hope that will keep your end of the bargain. From this point onwards, let Minji’s family off, and don’t collect protection fees from Tomorrow Town ever again” She said to Minho who’s inside his car.



Minho and his men drove away after Minho disappointingly nodded. 



“It’s so unexpected! Everyone said that the people Minji brought back are always all swindlers” said the Village Chief.



“What are you saying? Our Minji has a good image, is honest, and especially reliable” my uncle said.



“The person she finds, definitely gets it done” he continued.



“Look at how that Kim Yoohyeon is willing to risk her life fo

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