Chapter 27

My Sunshine
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Siyeon’s POV


I looked at the envelope in front of me before grabbing it and flipping through the pages. I sighed.





“Yoohyeon-ah. The teardrop proposal you’ve suggested is very appealing. It fits the Mother’s Day Special theme very well” 


“We plan to use it as the main merchandise for Mother’s Day. Why are you withdrawing the proposal at the last minute?”


“Siyeon’s proposal is more suitable than mine. Team Leader, I hope you can carefully consider it”


“Why did you do that?”


“I don’t need you to interfere with my job!”


“I’ve seen your proposal. It’s really not that bad”


“So what?! I’ve lost all the time” 


“Yoohyeon-ah, I know that this teardrop proposal holds a great significance to you. You shouldn’t give it up so easily”


“To my mother, this is merely a gift that came too late. She won’t be able to see it after all. I don’t want us to have regrets.. I care more about you, Siyeon-ah” 


End of Flashback



“You’re really a fool. You really threw out the proposal just like that” I mumbled while looking at the design in front of me. 


End of Siyeon’s POV



No one’s POV



“Mic test, one, two, three. Announcement from Tomorrow Town’s Village Chief” 



“All villagers, please assemble at the open space in ten minutes time, we’re holding a gathering for something important. Thank you” Minji looked at her uncle. He shrugged before telling Minji to come with him to the place.



“What did he wake us up so early in the morning for?!” Gahyeon complained as she bumped into Minji and her uncle on the way.



“All my fellow villagers, I have gathered all of you here today because I have two things to announce to everyone” The Village Chief said. 



“The first is that the annual Mr. Fruit competition will begin again tomorrow”



“What’s Mr. Fruit?” Yoohyeon asked beside Minji. Since when did she get there?? Minji thought. 



“Around this time, every year, all neighboring towns around here will hold a Fruit competition. After that, each town will send some representatives to compete in a talent show” Mjnji’s uncle explained.



“Eung? That’s sounds interesting” Yoohyeon said excitedly. Minji ignored her.



“But.. why does everybody look like they are going to have a nightmare?” She continued with a confused expression.



“That’s because our Tomorrow Town’s representative, always comes out last” Minji said uninterested. 



“Everyone, Don’t be nervous. I haven’t even made my second announcement yet. Alright, this is a fax that I’ve just received” The Village Chief said while waving the paper in front of the villagers.



“It says that our sales result are going from bad to worse. Durians have already been listed as the most worthless fruit. If we continue to perform badly at the Mr. Fruit competition as before this time round—“



“The District Government is going to stop their subsidies for our Tomorrow Town. We’ll have to grow something else other than Durians”



The people started gasping and panicking causing Minji to stood up before getting up on the mini stage.



“I think that such a decision by the District Government is really extremely unfair, isn’t it?” Minji started, earning a few nods.



“You guys answer me honestly, are durians that unpleasant to eat?” She asked.



“It’s delicious! It smells wonderful!” People exclaimed.



“So, to protect our Tomorrow Town’s durian estate, everybody must unite” She said courageously.



“Who’s willing to be our town’s representative?” She asked before looking around. There seems to be no one who wants to participate.



“Fine.. I’ve decided to give away a night..—“ The microphone started making noises blocking her speech.



“Minji-ah?! Are you sure? You’re going to give away your first night to the representative??” Minji’s uncle asked in disbelief.



“That’s righ

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