Chapter 26

My Sunshine
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Minji’s POV



I can’t believe we almost kissed.. What are you doing, Kim Minji.. 



After taking a shower, I hurriedly get dressed before going outside my room. 



I wonder where she is..



“Kim Yoohyeon” I heard my uncle called.






“How far have you guys progressed till now?” My uncle asked. I hid myself from their view.



“Uncle Kim, you’ve misunderstood. There’s nothing between Minji and I.. and there won’t be any progress between us” I frowned.



“But it doesn’t look like that to me. It seems like you guys are passionately in love with one another right now” I tilted my head in disappointment from my uncle.



“You guys fight every second, but the more you fight the more you guys don’t want to separate from one another” My uncle scolded.



“It’s impossible for me to fall in love with her” I heard her sighing.



“Fine, actually, I already have someone else in my heart” I looked down.



“This is a picture of her. This is my ex-girlfriend. Actually, I came to Tomorrow Town in hope that I could forget about her” I narrowed my eyes.



“After she fell in love with someone else, I even naively attended her wedding event thinking that I could stop her and make her change her mind..”



“In the end, I only proved that it was simply a one-sided love on my part” She said softly.



“You’re very devoted in your love” my uncle said.



“But since she has already decided to marry someone else, I think you should just choose another person and fall in love again” My uncle said in sympathy.



“I also initially thought I didn’t care anymore, but.. I was only deceiving myself” I frowned at myself as soon as I feel the tears coming.



“How can it be that easy to forget someone that you’ve wholeheartedly loved before?” And they fall.. tears that I have been keeping from falling.



“That’s why I’m very sorry. I have no interest towards anyone right now, The same goes with Minji” She said. I looked up before sighing.



“If your heart keeps staying at the past, how would you be able to take notice of the beautiful scenery around you?” My uncle said.



“Look here, this may cause you to miss out on a lot of great people” My uncle said before sighing.



“Alright. Just treat it as a case of misunderstanding. I really thought that you like my niece, so you came and stayed here” 



“You even worked so hard to help us attract people to our business” That’s the last part I heard before walking back inside my room.



I went to the balcony before sitting down and looking up the sky. I felt my tears starting to drop little by little.



“How can it be that easy to forget someone that you’ve wholeheartedly loved before?”




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