Chapter 12

My Sunshine
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Minji’s POV



Right after hearing those words coming out of , I immediately grabbed her hand before running away from the woman, dragging her with me.




“Hurry and follow me!” I yelled while giggling breathlessly.




“Don’t ask so many questions” I said while tightening my grip on her hand.




“KIM YOOHYEON!!” We both heard the woman yelled from a far. I giggled louder. We stopped running after hiding behind a wall.




“She didn’t come after us” I said while panting and smiling at her. 




“It’s a good thing that I punctured her tires too” She raised her eyebrows at me.




“Kim Minji, what bad thing have you done now…” She said while gasping but smiling at the same time. I frowned at her before standing firmly.




“What do you mean “bad thing I’ve done”? I helped you steal the jewel. Here, for you” I glared at her before grabbing her hand and putting it inside her palm and closing it.




She gave me a look before looking at her closed hand and slowly opening it. She scoffed. 




“This is a star worth $10, not some jewel” I gasped defensively at her.




“Do you think that a $10 star is cheap? I’ll turn it into a diamond for you” I performed my best magic trick on her, the magic trick I learned tricking people. I but whatever. I smiled at her before grabbing her hand again and closing it and blowing on it afterwards.




“I wouldn’t fall for such a lame magic trick” She scoffed while laughing. I smiled before walking past her. 




I ran to the bus stop before getting in.




“Where are you going?” She called out to me.




“You don’t have to be too moved, It’s because that woman hit you that’s why I felt doing something righteous at the moment, so I did something..” I smiled before pointing at her closed hand and nodding at her.




“Take it as a thank you gift for running around with me today. Bye!” I waved my hand at her, I saw her did the same before the door of the bus closes and the bus passes her.




I smiled before sitting down,




Kim Taehyung, after I leave you, will I ever find somebody else? 




End of Minji’s POV





Yoohyeon’s POV



As soon as the bus passes me, I slowly opened m

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