Chapter 17

My Sunshine
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Yoohyeon’s POV


I regretfully looked at Minji while she went inside her room. This place is actually not that bad, there’s a small dining restaurant in the middle then there’s three separate houses. One is probably Minji’s room. 



I saw her uncle secretly walking with his things in his hands. 



“Where are you going?” I called him. He looked back at me. 



“I’m packing all my valuables and running off!” He said before running away but I guess he felt guilty so he ran back inside. I shook my head before walking towards Minji’s room. 



I saw her looking at the broken candleholder. I frowned.



“What did you come in for?” She said coldly. 



“I’m only here to see if the candleholder is broken or not” I replied she looked down at it before putting it aside.



“There aren’t many things left in this house that can allow me to think of my Mother” She said sadly.



“I’m sorry.. I didn’t know that your Mother had already passed away, and yet I said those horrible things to you..” I apologized sincerely.



“I can’t blame you. I can only blame myself for not being trustworthy” I sighed before frowning. I felt bad for making her feel like that..



“These things are really unique..” I said while pointing at the DIY jars on her table. I looked around and saw a few jewelry hanging. Must be her designs.. 



“Are these all designed by you?” I asked, she hummed.



“You really have a talent for hand making things. This one looks like Kim Co.’s design. Isn’t this the Light of Persian?” I asked. She looked back at me.



“I never thought that you’d actually know your stuff pretty well” She said before continuing,



“I spend a month replicating it. It looks just like it right?” I nodded.



“These are all Kim Co.’s classic designs and yet you are so familiar with them.. I almost thought they were all real” I said, she smiled.



“I’m better than you in regards to this” She said.



“I don’t steal or rob, I only make imitations and cheat peopl their money”



“It’d be good if your talent can be used in the right way, but of all things, you had to use it for scamming” She looked away.



“Like I said before on the bus, I want to turn over a new leaf as well, but there are just some things that we have no control over” I looked away. I saod something I shouldn’t say again.. 



“Minho threatened to burn the house down, so I have no choice but to scam him again” I looked at her in disbelief.



“Scam Minho?!” I narrowed my eyes at her.



“What if he sees through it huh?!” I asked.



“I have to do this for the house and my uncle. Just this last time” I heard her sighed. I closed my eyes before looking away.



“You’re uncle almost ran away just now! Why are you risking your life? It’s too dangerous..” 



“My uncle is my only family left and this is my only home” I stood up.



“But I can’t just look on helplessly while you guys go court your own deaths!” I said.



“What court our own deaths? You’re exaggerating it. You’re just a thief I had bumped into along the way who followed me on the bus because you had no other way out. We barely know each other, why do you care so much?” She looked at me confused.



“Haven’t you come to your senses?!” I half shouted at her.



“You ended up in such a state now because you were scamming people with Taehyung! You still want to sink lower?! Have you no shame?” She looked at me in disbelief.



“Giving everything you have to solve a problem for the person you care about.. you call that no shame?” I looked away.



“You know what.. maybe you should go back to that high class world of yours. I have nothing more to say to you. This is my way of living so you can go get lost!” I looked at her, I can see how teary her eyes has gotten. I sighed.



“Fine. You’re right. We have no relationship or whatsoever between us. I’m just concerned and being nice by giving you advice, but you don

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