Chapter 28

My Sunshine
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Yoohyeon’s POV


“If you like her, just go and tell her!”


I grabbed my phone to look at the picture of Siyeon and I.


“I’m not a coward like you”


“You like someone, yet you don’t make an effort” 


I sighed before turning off my phone. 



End of Yoohyeon’s POV



Kim Co. | 4:56 PM



“The prototype for the Teardrop proposal is placed right in front of you guys. I suggest not to use pure silver as the base. It must have a sense of creativity to it” Siyeon said over the other person on the line while walking.



“Our time is limited, so act quickly” She demanded. 



“Haha. You and Bora, called the Planning Department for a meeting first thing in the morning?” Mr. Jang scoffed after bumping into her.



“And I thought you guys had some marvelous idea to resolve the financial issue. But instead, you’re actually still going back to beg with Wilson?!” He continued.



“In any case, we will resolve the finance issue before the board meeting tomorrow. As to how we do it..” Siyeon said before turning around and facing Mr. Jang away.



“I don’t think we need to report back to you” Mr. Jang laughed.



“I heard that Madam Wilson is rushing back to America tomorrow evening. Do you guys know about this information?” He smirked.



“So you go and tell Bora to stop wasting energy. Unless Queen Mary miraculously appears right now, then can you persuade Wilson” Siyeon looked at him nervously.



Mr. Jang laughed before walking past Siyeon. Leaving her alone and nervous in the corner.



A few minutes later, her phone rang. To which she responded after two rings.






Back to Yoohyeon’s POV



“It’s me” I said. 



“Yoohyeon-ah??” She answered.



“Miss me?” 



“What exactly are you playing?” She asked tiredly.



“Towards you, I’ve never played at all” I replied.



“If you’re not playing, why did you steal the Queen Mary?!” She asked angrily.



“If you’re not playing, why did you ruin my engagement party?!” She continued.



“That was my only way to make you take notice of me” I said softly. I heard a sigh.



“Yoohyeon-ah.. let’s call a truce. Please come back, Kim Co. really needs you right now” 



“And you?” I frowned while waiting for her answer.



“Do you want me to go back?”



“Is there a day where you thought about me when you’re beside my sister?” 






“You’re lying” I said.



“Why would I lie?” She said impatiently.



“If you don’t lie, how can you convince yourself to forget about me?”



“Don’t be so arrogant” 



“I’m never arrogant in your presence. I can only be honest.. Siyeon, I’m sorry”



“I was too willful in the past, and have overlooked your hard work for Kim Co. but I’m willing to change for you.. as long as we can have another chance” I said it almost

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