Chapter 30

My Sunshine
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Yoohyeon's POV


I slowly opened the gate to Minji's property and saw her talking to her uncle. They haven't noticed my presence yet.


"It's her last day here. Why won't you let her leave happily?" I heard her said.


"Just be happy when she comes back, isn't this good that she'll be gone soon?" 

"Did I say I won't smile? I'll do just like what you told me to do" Uncle Kim said while rehearsing his part. I saw her smiling and somehow it made me feel things. 

Her facial expressions suddenly changed after noticing my presence. I saw her nudged her uncle, causing him to look at me before standing up.


"You're back" He said. I smiled before nodding.




"Come, come. I have something good to give you. This afternoon, Jaebom and I played blackjacks, he lost. So, he gave me your contract and ID card" I looked at the envelope he's handing me before glancing at Minji. She smiled at me before looking away.


"As you know, I have never been someone who's money grubby and greedy.. I have no plan to hold it any longer for you to give me the money before I give it back to you. So, here you go" I narrowed my eyes. They're really in this together, huh? Kim Minji.. 


I stared at her but she only gave me a small awkward smile before excusing herself. I frowned.


"I'm heading to the kitchen for a bit" She said before going to the kitchen area. My eyes followed her every movements until I can no longer see her. I sighed.


"Ah.. don't mind her, she went to the kitchen to get you something to eat and drink. Look, there's nothing on the table" Uncle said trying not to stutter. I kept looking towards the kitchen area not really paying much attention to the person in front of me.


"So she can prepare you a farewell dinner" He continued before giving up and sighing heavily.


"Hey, hold on to this. Say your farewells to Minji. You better make it nice and don't mess it up" He said before poking the envelope at me.


"I won't be here to third wheel" He joked trying to ease the atmosphere. He gave me one last look before walking past me. 

I sighed before sitting down while holding on to the envelope. A few seconds later, she went back out to sit in front of me while the biggest smile. Idiot.. I can tell you cried from your red eyes.. I gave her a small smile.


"Ta-dah!" I handed her a small cup of ice cream, which is probably all melted now. I saw her face lit up from it.


"This is.. for me? How did you know I like this brand? Then.. can I eat it now?" She asked while still giving me her widest smile. 


"hm" I nodded. She immediately grabbed it before opening the package and eating it gracefully in front of me.


"you're really easy to satisfy" I mumbled. She stopped eating before looking at me.


"you don't understand. This is the best gift in the world right now" She said while smiling at me. 

"Here, this is our last dinner together. Let's drink today like there's no tomorrow" She said be

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