Chapter 16

My Sunshine
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Somewhere in Tomorrow Town | 5PM



Minji’s POV



“You’re such a liar!” She said. 




“If I knew you were such a liar, I wouldn’t have gotten on the bus in the first place and come with you to some Tomorrow Town” She continued while following me behind, I turned around to face her before glaring at her.




“I’m a liar? Did I put a knife to your throat to make you come on the bus with me? You got on the bus all by yourself!” I snapped at her, she looked away so I turned back around before walking faster.




“Yet you said, “perhaps, I’ll find my life’s ten thousand possibilities once I get on the bus” Not only did I not find ten thousand possibilities, I also lost my everything I had in life” She continued complaining.




“Don’t worry, bad luck will pass very quickly” I said sarcastically.




“Fine, then tell me, How are you going to make bad luck pass very quickly when you owed 40 grand?” She said before catching up to me.




“You’re not the only one being held responsible. I signed it too!” I snapped at her.




“You deserved it because you got in trouble. Why are you dragging me with you too??” She said angrily. I looked at her.




“What ten thousand possibilities? They’re all lies!” I said before stopping and facing her.




“That’s not my fault. If anything, it’s the internet’s fault. It has a lot of sayings like that” I scoffed back at her.




“What? You copied it from the internet?” She looked at me in disbelief. I raised my eyebrows before nodding.




“That’s right. They have a lot of meaningful sayings” I smirked at her.




“Stop playing around!” She shouted making me stop before looking at her confused.




“It’s exactly because of your habitual lying that you became a failure for the first half of your life. If I see your parents, I will make sure to ask them why did you turn out like this” I looked away. You.. don’t have the right to say that.. 




“Taehyung mentioned that you were an orphan. That was probably fishing for pity, right? That was a lie too, right?” I glared at her but looked away as soon as I feel my tears coming out.




“What? You have nothing to say?” She said before walking closer to me. 




“Maybe your parents are big liars too, that’s why they’ve taught you to be the kid who cries wolf, where lying became part of your character” The audacity.. Minji-ah.. you can’t cry in front of a stranger. You’re stronger than that.




“Even the villagers who watched you grow up treat you like a venomous or a dangerous animal” I looked back at her. 




“Are you done lecturing?? Today has been bad enough, and you keep lecturing nonstop. Don’t pretend to be such a righteous person! You’re just a liar too” I snapped at her.





“You said you were a race car driver, but you couldn’t even avoid such a big pile of durians. I have never seen such a bad racer in my lfe!” I shouted at her face before turning around and walking away.




“Hey! Wait! Am I not even allowed to say something..?” I heard her say before following me.




“Here’s my home” I said before turning around to face her.




“I’m someone with a home. My uncle’s been waiting for me to come back. How’s that? Much better than you, right?” 




“If you’re so great, find your own food to eat and your own place to stay. Don’t follow me” I continued before walking inside.




I saw my uncle playing Mahjong with Minho and his men. I sighed.




“Say, Minho.. I’m telling you now, this is the last round" My uncle said.





“If I make another hand, the protection fees you just collected at the market are all mine and you won’t collect our small family restaurant’s protection fees for the rest of the year” I heard my uncle said.




“you won’t make a hand” Minho scoffed.



“Uncle!” I called, he looked back at me accidentally dropping a piece of tile he was hiding.




“Wait. Don’t move” Minho said before he could even grab it. Minho flipped his tiles which shows a perfect hand.




“I have a concealed kong of four green “prosperity” tiles.

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