Chapter 15

My Sunshine
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Headline: Regret selling off deceased wife’s possessions? Wedding called off suddenly. Shares have plummeted crazily.




“What nonsense!” Mr. Jang slammed the desk infront of him.




“This can’t go on” one of the shareholders said.




“Yesterday’s wedding was really strange. At such an important time, Siyeon fell sick? With her falling sick, Kim Co.’s shares fell today too”




“Yes. Look at this! Look at the media’s harsh criticisms!” complained one of them.




“They made a special trip to bid for Queen Mary.. we’ve made them very mad.. our company is finished!”





“We can’t keep on condoning Kim family’s actions. If they can’t take out Queen Mary to obtain Wachovia Bank’s financing, in one week, Kim Co. will face a serious crash flow problem” Mr. Jang lectured before standing up.




“By that time, if Kim Jinho can’t come up with any plans to deal with this, I suggest that the Kim family should give up their management rights and let someone capable lead Kim Co.”  He continued, earning a few nods from the shareholders.




Bora and Siyeon arrived at the room together.




“Why don’t you say this in front of me?” Bora said respectfully but firm. Siyeon held her hand.




“Actually, I want to hear what you have to say” Mr. Jang scoffed at her. Bora glared at him before looking at everyone.




“Directors, yesterday, the engagement was ended prematurely. Siyeon not feeling well was in fact only an excuse” She explained before continuing,




“I have to officially announce to everyone that the wedding was canceled because Queen Mary had disappeared” Everyone gasped at the her revelation.





“As for how Queen Mary had disappeared, I have to keep it a secret for now” She apologized.





“What’s the meaning of this?! Is this a prank you are playing? This is about Kim Co.’s survival. I demand that you announce the facts!” Mr. Jang snapped angrily.





“He’s right!” One of the directors agreed before standing up and walking closer to Bora and Siyeon.




“Such a big thing happened and you actually kept it from us?? What? Are you treating us like we’re nothing??” He said angrily.




“Let me tell you, even though Kim Co. was started by your family, you can’t just mess around like this and hurt the shareholders’ rights and interests” he continued while pointing at Bora.




“The security at yesterday’s wedding was very secure. Not even a mosquito could’ve flown in there, how could it have been stolen??” Mr. Jang snapped.




“Or maybe the Chairman regret at the last minute and decided

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