Chapter 7

My Sunshine
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Yoohyeon’s POV



“What are you doing?” I asked nervously as she pointed the gun near me.




“Take me to Taehyung!” She said.




“Didn’t you want to go to the police station?” I asked while looking at the gun and her.




“What’s the point of going to the police now? Let’s go to Taehyung!” She yelled before pointing the gun towards me, I can tell that she’s nervous as well from the way her hand is shaking. 




“Okay! I’ll take you to him! Stop pointing that to me while talking!” I yelled back. 




“I-I’m not pointing it at you!” She said while clearly pointing the gun at me. I held up my hand as she keeps pointing it to me.




“H-hey! Stop! Calm down” I tried calming her down.




“Take me to him immediately!” She demanded. 




“Didn’t you want to go to the police station earlier?” I said.




“My future is about to crumble, what’s the use of going to the police station? Get in the car now!” She yelled before pulling me in the car. 





“Hurry and drive!” I closed the car’s door before driving to her fiancé’s place.




“Why is this car going so slow?” She complained, “are you playing with me? Hurry!”




“Lady, didn’t you just come out of jail? Why commit another crime for this two-timer? There are better guys out there” I argued.




“Stop the nonsense and drive faster!” I grinned before speeding. She stopped complaining, hm thought so. 




A few minutes of speeding on side streets, we’ve arrived to this place she told me to go.




She keeps knocking on the door while holding the gun. A lady opened the door.





“Minji? Aren’t you locked up in jail?” She asked before gasping after seeing our handcuffed hands together and the gun she was holding.




“Did you escape?” The lady asked.





“Where’s Taehyung?” She asked. 




“He moved out” the lady replied.




“Liar” She said before barging inside the house.




She stopped before looking around and looking straight at the plastic stars that are glued on the window. 




She sat down before picking the plastic stars that was taken out off the wall. I saw her tears rolling down on her cheeks.




These plastic stars must have been given to you by that Taehyung, right? Siyeon left me for the social status that the diamond brought.. and you’re upset over these worthless stars? You’re really an idiot. 




“What are you doing?” She asked the lady that was taking off the stars on the w

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