Chapter 10

My Sunshine
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Minji’s POV



I was so caught up from my thoughts that I didn’t hear the horn from the car that was going to ran me over. 


"KIM MINJI!!" I heard Yoohyeon shouting my name, she pulled me in before hugging me tight.



“That was dangerous!” She yelled at me after pulling away from me.



“Are you sure you’re okay by yourself? Don’t do something stupid” I looked away.



“I’m not going to do anything stupid. I haven’t eaten anything since this morning. I’m so hungry..” I said truthfully making her angry. 




“Huh?!” She yelled before grabbing me and dragging me somewhere. 




She made a fuss about me almost dying from getting hit by the car, but she still came with me at the open restaurant nearby. I smiled.




I kept drinking and eating so fast that I didn’t realize she was looking at me amused.




“Why are you looking at me like that?” I scoffed. I’m quite tipsy.. 




“How did you forgive him?” She asked while looking at me seriously.




“I grew up without a mother or father, I know what it feels like not having any parent. If I force Taehyung to come back to me, what will happen to the child?” I looked at her before gulping down the beer infront of me.




“They are a family and I’ve become the outsider. It’s only right for the outsider to leave” I continued, she looked away.




“It’s only right for the outsider to leave.. In Siyeon’s world, have I become the outsider too?” She mumbled before nudging me, “Let me ask you” I gave her a confused look.




“Can love be cleaved into parts? Can you love somebody, but choose to be with someone else?” I narrowed my eyes at her.




“Of course not! How can love be cleaved into parts? “Heart” sits in the middle of the character, “love”. If the heart is cleaved into parts, the person will die” I told her, she gave me smile before saying,




“You’re very different from her” I poured myself another shot before drinking it in one go. Probably her lover..




“Actually, I was dumped today too. The person whom I care about has become somebody else’s fiancé” She told me before coming closer to me. I laughed. 




“So you actually stole the jewel today to ruin her engagement?” She smiled at me before nodding and drinking her own glass of beer, “you’re so bad” I said while laughing.




“I was the one who went out with her first, but she chose my older sister, just because she is the heir to the company” I choked from my beer but I managed not to fully choke. I choked not because of what she said but because I was chugging down the beer way too fast.




“She’s not like you. She’s only focused on finding the easiest path for her life, so that she can have what she wants. As for me, as soon as I gave up my position, I wasn’t anything to her anymore but I’m not as kind as you, where I’m able to give her my blessings with a smile and save my tears for myself” I blinked a few times trying to stay awake for her story.




“That’s too difficult” Unfortunately for her this alcohol is really kicking me in my . Next thing I know is that I blacked out.




End of Minji’s POV



Yoohyeon’s POV



“That’s too difficult” I said. I glanced at her before finding her sleeping s

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