Chapter 14

My Sunshine
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Minji’s POV



“You really destroyed all the durians that we were going to export to Japan..” said the Chief disappointingly.




“If we can’t sell the durians, we won’t have any income!” One of the villagers exclaimed. I looked away.




“How will we pay Minho’s protection fees? We’re going to get in trouble because of you both! It’s all your fault!” I looked at Yoohyeon. She shrugged before looking away.




“Who’s Minho?” She asked.




“Minho? Minho is a good-for-nothing guy from the neighboring town. All of us from Tomorrow Town, every store, every transaction, has to pay him protection fees” Yoohyeon narrowed her eyes looking very confused. 




“All our durians were ruined by you. When Minho comes to collect fees, we won’t have money for him. He’ll kill us for sure!” the Chief said in panic. I sighed.




Yoohyeon stood up, gaining a few stares from everyone. 




“I’ll pay for it” She said. I gave her look before standing up.




“Where will you get the money? Stop joking” I whispered to her.




“I have money, wait a second. I’ll call my agent” She said before grabbing her phone and dialing someone. I scoffed before looking at everyone. 




She walked a little far away from us before Johnny blocked her. 




“I’m making a call” She said while showing him her phone. Johnny scoffed before letting her go.




“Hey John, It’s me Yooh. I need some money right now” I heard her say. 




“I w

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