Chapter 1

My Sunshine
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Yoohyeon’s POV 


Café | 4:30 PM



After a few minutes of driving, I arrived at the café where I told Siyeon to meet me, I used my blue ferrari car. I parked outside the cafe before going inside. I saw her seated near the window I put down my expensive duffle bag on the seat right next to her before sitting across to her.




“Siyeon-ah.. I got the contract for next year’s Ferrari F1 racing team. Do you want to go on the plane with me at 2 this afternoon?” I said excitedly while showing her the contract. 




“I can finally leave and go to France” I smiled proudly. She looked away.




I signaled the waiter. The waiter walked towards us carrying a glass with nothing but a single ice. Inside though, was a piece of earring.




“This pair of diamond earrings, is a present that my mother left me before her death” I said while looking at it. 




“I want to give it to the person I love and I’ve already put on my engagement” I continued before pointing to my left ear. She looked at it.




“Siyeon-ah.. marry me” I said sincerely before looking at her eyes, studying every expression she’s showing. 




“I can’t marry you” She looked ahead avoiding my eyes.




“What do you mean?” I frowned.




“Because I have already chosen someone else” She said before showing me the ring on her finger.




“How is that possible? Who can have finer qualities than me? Who can be richer and better than me??” I said trying to suppress what I’m feeling inside.




“Everything about him is better than you. The point is, he puts me at his center” She narrowed her eyes at me. I scoffed. 




“And I don’t?” I half-shouted, earning a few stares from people around us. 




“Yoohyeon-ah.. your personality is like the wind. Wind only has direction. How can wind have a center?” She looked at me before looking away.




“Let’s break up. We really don’t suit each other” I narrowed my eyes before lowering my head trying to hide the tear that fell on my cheek. 




“Fine. Lee Siyeon.. if this is your decision, make sure you won’t regret it” I said while gritting my teeth and grabbing the earring from the melted ice and grabbing my bag before leaving her alone inside the cafe. 




End of Yoohyeon’s POV



Minji’s POV


Same café | 4:45 PM


“Wel..come” An employee greeted me as I walked inside the café where

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