Chapter 18

My Sunshine
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Minji’s POV



I walked outside carrying a blanket for Yoohyeon. I saw her talking to someone on the phone before ending the call.




“Lee Siyeon, you really broke my heart. The first thing you want is the Queen Mary, without even asking me if I’m fine or not” She mumbled to herself.




She sighed before finally noticing me standing in front of her. I raised my eyebrows at her.




“Are you still calling your ex-girlfriend? Isn’t she someone else’s wife now?” I scoffed. She narrowed her eyes at me.




“Do you eavesdrop on people talking all the time?” I raised an eyebrow at her before scoffing.




“This is my house. If you want to scold me, do it in you mind. Don’t let me hear it” I rolled my eyes at her before turning around and walking back inside my room while carrying the blankets in my hands.




I closed the door behind me before sighing. 




To think that I was worried that you would be cold and wanted to bring you a blanket..



Your heart is obviously thinking about someone else..




End of Minji’s POV




Garden of Flowers | 8:15 PM



Bora caught Siyeon begging Mr. Jang to be more patient and lenient to her. Now they’re having dinner together.




“Why didn’t you pick up your phone?” Bora asked her fiancé.




“I have been looking for you” She continued.




“I’m sorry, I’ve been finding ways to help you with the deal..” Siyeon said apologetically while looking at her fiancé’s face.




“I was afraid you would get mad, so that’s why I didn’t tell you..” Bora grabbed Siyeon’s hands tightly.




“Are you thinking that I don’t have the ability to solve the problems myself? You are making me look bad by doing this..” Bora said worriedly.




“It’s not like that.. I merely wanted to help you out.. I’m sorry” The tears in Siyeon’s eyes started dropping. Bora sighed.




“I’m sorry” Bora said.




“Don’t do something like that again, ok? I can handle my own problems myself” Bora said while looking straight at S

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