Chapter 9

My Sunshine
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Yoohyeon’s POV



“Minji-ssi?” Jisoo called her from inside of the room. 




“Don’t just stand there. Come in and sit. Taehyung has already told me about you” She looked at Taehyung before nodding and going inside the room, dragging me with her.




“Sorry..” They both said at the same time.




“It’s my fault. I made you fall” Minji said before looking away.




“No.. you gave me blood. You saved me and the baby. I don’t know how to thank you” Jisoo said while smiling at her.




“Moreover, I stole your fiancé.. I should be the one apologizing” Jisoo said before calling out to Taehyung who was holding their baby.




“Let her hold the baby” Jisoo said.




“I.. No, it’s okay” She said, but Taehyung did as he was told to do.




She held the baby with no hatred. As if, it was her own. I smiled. She really is a selfless person.. 




“She’s so cute..” She said while smiling before handing the baby back to Taehyung.




“This child looks very obedient. She’ll definitely live a healthy life. Taehyung, there’s something I want to tell you. Can you come out for a bit?” She said before looking back at Jisoo and walking outside of the room.




As soon as we got out, I rested my back against the wall while we wait for Taehyung to come out.




As soon as he came out of the room he kneeled infront of Minji, shocking both of us.




“Minji-ah.. I’m sorry. I was the reason you got arrested, I promised to marry you, but I cheated on you. I’m sorry” He said while crying softly infront of her. Well..




“I.. I really like Jisoo” jerk. I saw Minji closed her eyes painfully.




“When you were caught, she was the one who covered for me. Jisoo, is a very understanding woman.. She’s not in good health, but she still want to be with me, living a life hiding from the police…” He said while sniffing,



“I want to settle down, and provide her with a stable home. So I.. I’m sorry” He said once again, I glanced to check on Minji, all I can see is the hurt from her teary eyes. I sighed.




“Then why didn’t you let me know right away?” Minji snapped at him, “I was like a fool. I had to find out about everything from the landlord!” She said angrily.




“I know you won’t forgive me” He said before lowering his head. I scoffed secretly.




The baby inside the room started crying making Minji sighed. Before saying,




“Get up. There’s no need to kneel infront of me. You really thought I came here to pick a fight?” She said while faking a soft laugh. I looked at her concerned. What are you planning now..




“Kim Taehyung, you have really fallen behind. You’ve been fooled by me” She said before poking his shoulder. Taehyung stood up before looking at her confused. Same, honestly..




“Today, I came here to show off my girlfriend” I narrowed my eyes as she pulled me infront, “When I was in jail, she was my crafts instructor. She always compliments me on my jewelry designs” She said while smiling at me before looking at Taehyung.



Taehyung looked at me confused. What game are you playing? 



“Look! We designed her earring together, as a symbol of our love” Taehyung looked at my earring before looking down at me.




“Right, my love?” M

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