Chapter 8

My Sunshine
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Yoohyeon’s POV



“Who said I’ve been left behind?” She scoffed at me, “I didn’t go to jail for nothing. When I find these two wretches, just you wait and see how I will torture them!” I smiled.




“Not bad” I said, “you’ve got your strength again” She looked back at me.




“Then, how do you plan to torture them?” I smiled at her. She faced me before saying,





“First, I will cut the achilles tendons in both of his legs, then scar the face of that witch. Let’s see if she dares to seduce another woman’s fiancé afterwards” She said while making hateful expressions, I smiled. She’s cute..




After a few minutes of searching for the place, we’ve finally found the one. She was about to knock using her bruised hand but she stopped.




“I should think over how I’m going to torture them. I’m afraid you won’t be able to endure a bloody scene” She said before backing away and dragging me. I turned around before knocking aggressively on the door. 








“It’s better to be hurt now than later” I told her, she just looked at me, “your wounds will heal faster that way” I raised my eyebrows at her.




A few seconds later, someone opened the door.




“Who is it?” He must be that Taehyung guy..




I stared at him then at Minji, they both stared at each other. 




“Minji?” He called surprised. Minji looked at him longingly. I frowned.




“Honey, who is it?” 




“The.. TV station is here to collect money. I’ll take care of it” Taehyung lied. I glared at him. He closed the door before going outside to talk to us.




“Who is she?!” Minji yelled at him.




“She is..” Minji threw the plastic stars at him before yelling, “what’s this? Didn’t you agree that you’d marry me? Where did your promise go?”




“Minji, shhhh..” Did he just shushed her?? 




We all got shocked by a loud thud coming from inside the house. Taehyung immediately ran inside and found her pregnant wife laying on the floor. 




“What were you doing?! You’re almost due, why are you still climbing up and down?” He said in a panic voice.




“It hurts..” the woman said, I stood up. 




“Stop talking! Look, you’re bleeding!” 




“Help! She’s bleeding a lot!” He yelled at us. I glanced at Minji and saw her in shocked.




I opened the screen door.




“Hurry up and carry her! Take her to the hospital immediately. We have a car. Hurry” I said as calmly as possible. 



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