Chapter 24

My Sunshine
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Minji’s POV


“Uncle” I called out to my uncle who’s busy cutting some vegetables for the restaurant.



“Have you seen Yoohyeon?” I asked curiously as I look around to search for the certain girl.



“She got up early in the morning and went jogging” 



“Went jogging?! The people here have endless work to do and yet she’s still pretending to be so elegant” I scoffed.



“If she’s really someone from the upper class society, why did she come to Tomorrow Town for?” I continued before noticing my childhood friend Gahyeon in front of our gate. 



“Lee Gahyeon? What are you doing sneaking around here?” I walked towards her.



“I’m here to look for Yoohyeon..” She answered. 



“Why are you looking for her so early in the morning?” I asked her in confused tone.



“Didn’t you promised me yesterday that you would help me get closer to her?” She pouted.



“Oh please.. it’s so early in the morning! Even if you want to go on a date with her, it should be at night” I suggested.



“It’s exactly what I’m going to do! Look, I have 2 movie tickets and would like to ask her out to go watch it with me” I looked at the tickets she handed up for me to see.



“I wonder if she’s free tonight..” 



“Minji-unnie.. you promised me before that you would help me” she pouted again, I sighed before grabbing her hands.



“That’s right. But I don’t think she will be free tonight.. she said that she wants to work overtime at the garage today” 



“Work overtime till midnight?” She asked. I nodded. 



“Seems like it..” 



“You go and help me ask her then..” She said while looking at the tickets she’s holding.



“She’s still sleeping..” I lied.



“Is that right, uncle?” I turned to my uncle for help. 



“Ah.. right, right” he smiled at Gahyeon before looking seriously at me.



A few seconds later, Yoohyeon arrived from her jog, looking sweaty and all. I gave Gahyeon an awkward smile.



“Morning!” Yoohyeon greeted while wiping the sweat on her neck and forehead.



“How could you be so rude as to go out without telling anyone? All of us thought you were still sleeping” I glared at Yoohyeon before looking at Gahyeon awkwardly.



“What are you talking about? Don’t forget what you promised me before the car race” She looked at me before nodding at Gahyeon and walking away.



“Excuse me, since I’ve met you in person, I should just directly ask you then.. Are you going to work overtime at the garage tonight?” Gahyeon catches up to her.



“Huh..?” I saw her side-eyed me before continuing,



“No” I rolled my eyes.



“This means that you’re free then?” Gahyeon asked happily. Yoohyeon nodded.



“Yes, I’m free” she replied. I frowned.



“Uh.. I’m here to look for Yoohyeon” Johnny suddenly butted in our conversation before putting her arms around Yoohyeon’s shoulders.



“Has Minji agreed yet?” I heard Johnny asked.



“I haven’t asked her yet..” I heard Yoohyeon replied.



“You haven’t asked?? You promised to help me ask her out on a date! Tonight! I’m getting very impatient!” I heard him whined. 



“Youngho, we grew up together. If there’s anything, you can just ask me directly” I told him. They both looked at me. 



“Okay, let me ask you then..” He said hesitantly.



“Are you free tonight?” He asked while looking at the ground. I looked at Yoohyeon and saw her looking at me.



“Yes” I said.



“He hasn’t even said what he wants to do” Yoohyeon scoffed at me. I glared at her.



“I’m free for whatever it is that he wants” I mocked her.



“Then can I ask you out to the amusement park to go on a cable car ride tonight?” I gave him a smile before nodding.



“Of course, why would there be a problem? I’ll see you tonight” I patted his shoulders before glaring at Yoohyeon. Johnny smiled before nodding and walking outside.



“Yoohyeon.. may I address you like that?” Gahyeon asked. I secretly rolled my eyes.






“I’ll see you tonight then!” Gahyeon smiled before walking out. Yoohyeon waved at her while smiling.



I saw her glaring at me and so I glared back at her.



“What do you want?” I scoffed.



“He hadn’t even said what he wanted to do, and you’ve already agreed” She scoffed. I frowned at her.



“If he said he wanted to go to a motel, would you also have said that you’re free?” She leaned in closer to me with her knitted eyebrows.



“I’ve known him ever since I was young. He’

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