Chapter 19

My Sunshine
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Minji’s POV



I glanced at my childhood bestfriend who’s been giving heart eyes to one of their customers. I smiled. She still hasn’t changed..



“Why’d you hit me!” She snapped at me after I playfully hit her arm. 



“You’re still the same. You’re still so crazy about good looking people..” She narrowed her eyes at me.




“W..who are you?” She asked genuinely. 



“ Can’t you recognize me?” She looked me up and down before coming closer to me.



“O..oh? Minji-unnie??” I nodded before smiling widely at her.



I dragged her with me to accompany me to Minho’s house. 




“I need help with something” I said.



“Minho-ssi..! Minho-ssi..!” I called from outside of his house before one of his men went outside to fetch us.



“I’m here to keep our appointment” I said nervously to his men.




They let us in before guiding us towards the living room area by the pool where most of his men are. 



“Did you bring me the money?” Minho said while inhaling his cigarette.



“M-Minho-ssi.. I brought something that is more valuable” I replied before tapping Gahyeon. She looked at me.



“Would it be safe to take it out here? It’s worth a lot..” she’s acting great..



“Didn’t you ask me to look for a buyer?” I nudged her playfully.



“Miss, have I met you somewhere before?” Minho asked Gahyeon. I cleared my throat.



“You must’ve seen me on some fashion magazines before because I often attend parties” She replied quickly. I smiled before nodding.



I saw Minho’s fiancé walking down the stairs, I smirked before grabbing the necklace carefully.



“This white diamond is called Victoria. It’s a very famous classic design from Kim Co. Miss Lee here got it for a 80 grand back then. She’s letting you have it now” Minho grabbed the necklace while carefully looking at it.



“You want me to buy it?” He asked.



“No, it’s just enough to pay back what my uncle owes you” I replied quickly. He looked at me.



“I’m sorry. I’m not interested in jewelry, just give me cash” He dismissed before throwing the necklace on the table.



His fiancé grabbed it before looking at me.



“Woa.. It’s beautiful! Minho.. is this what you’re buying from me?” The lady asked, I smirked before looking at Gahyeon. 



“Hi, you must be Minho’s fiancé? I’m Kim Co.’s jewelry designer, Minho especially invited me here, saying that he wanted to give you a surprise” The lady raised her eyebrows at me before looking at Mi

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