Chapter 2

My Sunshine
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Yoohyeon’s POV


I walked towards my car before opening my hands to look at the other pair of earrings I’m holding. 



Everything about him is better than you. 



The point is, he puts me at his center. 



I can’t leave with you.



I sighed before losing my balance because someone had bumped into me. 



“Sorry” The woman who bumped into me apologized. She took the earring! 



I hurriedly grabbed her wrist. We both looked at each other intensely before I heard people calling from behind.



“Kim Minji!! Stop running!!” Are those policemen?? Why are they running after this woman? Is she a criminal??



I tightened my grip on her wrist. 



“Give me back my earring!” I said trying to open her hand. She tried pulling her arm away from me. 



“Are you crazy?! The earring is on your ear!” She snapped. I scoffed. Did she think I’ll fall for that??



“You stole my diamond earring!” I said.



“Give it back now!” I tried so hard until I finally opened her hand, the earring is not with her..



As soon as I realized that, the police put a handcuff on the woman’s wrist. She looked at me angrily before glaring at me. I looked away.



“Kim Minji, you are under arrest. Please come with us immediately for a written report” I looked down at her hand that I’m still holding before letting go. 



“Thank you for aiding the police in this case. Take her away!” The officer gave me a pat before taking the woman away. As they were walking away, the woman glared at me and all I could do was stare at her.



“It’s your fault that I got caught!” She shouted. I winced.



“Taehyung-Oppa, save me!” She shouted before they take her in the police car.



What did I do.. I did the right thing right?? But why am I feeling this way?? I sighed before before grabbing my bag on the ground. 



My earring!! Ah.. it was just on the ground.. I looked back at the woman but they’re far gone. I sighed. 



End of Yoohyeon’s POV



A year later.. 




Minji’s POV



I was sentenced to 2 years and 3 months for fraud. It has been a year since the incident. I sighed before looking at the lady infront of me.



“You have been serving your jail time for one year already. You have requested to be released on parole, have you changed your ways?”



“Commanding officer, do you believe the saying of a child who cries wolf? In the eyes of the public, I am a child who cries wolf” I looked away before sniffing.



“No one believes in my pitiful past. My parents died when I was seven. My uncle took care of me” I wiped my tears.



“This.. is my uncle, Sam. And the one standing beside him is me. He treated me as If I was his own daughter. When he was sick, the doctors said there was no cure” this better work.. I sniffed.



“I had no other way but to find other less recognized methods to cure

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