Chapter 11

My Sunshine
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Bora’s POV



“I heard that Yoohyeon say that she is her ex-girlfriend with my own ears”



“Miss Lee didn’t deny it”



“It seems that Miss Lee was the one who cheated first, and upset Yoohyeon"



That’s why Yoohyeon stole the diamond in an attempt to ruin the engagement"



I stared at the picture of Yoohyeon and I before drinking my glass of bourbon.




“What’s on your mind?” I heard Siyeon from behind. I put away the picture.




“Nothing” She walked up to me, watching me with worried expression before sitting next to me and grabbing the picture frame.




“You’re thinking about Yoohyeon, right?” She asked. I sipped my bourbon before nodding.




“I’ve called her many times too, but she’s not answering her phone. Her racing agent, doesn’t know where she is either and is very anxious” She sighed. 




“I really don’t know what she’s thinking, she’s always so willful and capricious” She continued, I glanced at her.




“I feel that Yoohyeon does everything with a reason. She wouldn’t make trouble for no reason, unless the other person has done something against her” I said quietly before meeting her gaze. Why are you lying to me Siyeon-ah..




“Ms. Kim! The police say they’ve found Yoohyeon” Dami informed us after barging inside.




“But.. Yoohyeon was arrested by the police. She’s suspected for drugging a girl” Dami continued shocking us. I narrowed my eyes.




“Impossible. They must’ve made a mistake. Let’s go to the police station and see what we can do” I said before standing up, Siyeon grabbed my wrist.




“I’ll go with you” I looked at her, “I was the one who lost Queen Mary.. I have the responsibility to get it back” I narrowed my eyes at her.




“You only mentioned about the necklace. Don’t you want Yoohyeon to come back too?” I said firmly before walking out. 




End of Bora’s POV



“What? Drug? ?” Minji wrapped her arms around her body.




That tree must’ve wanted to take back the necklace, and take advantage of me while she was at it.. but right now, I’m still on parole. I’d better not cause any trouble with the police. I’ll let her get off easily this time. Minji thought to herself.




“Uncle Police Officer, you must’ve misunderstood. She and I are.. in a relationship! I got drunk, she brought me to the motel to rest. Really, it’s nothing!” Minji tried her best to convince the officer.




“Really?” The Officer asked looking at her suspiciously, Minji nodded. 




Bora, Siyeon and Dami arrived at the police station. Yoohyeon saw them, she frowned upon seeing them.




“Since that’s the case, please sign here. Then, both of you can leave” Minji nodded before signing the papers.




“Thank you! Let’s go now, Dear” Minji said before walking away.




Yoohyeon looked at her sister, ex-girlfriend and her bestfriend before walking past them. Bora grabbed her arm.




“You and Siyeon, go wait for me outside” Yoohyeon glanced at Siyeon before walking outside. Siyeon followed her.




Minji’s PO

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