Chapter 29

My Sunshine
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Yoohyeon’s POV


I went inside Johnny’s garage and found him and his friends practicing for the Fruit competition. Looks like they’re forming a band.



They sounded exhausted.



“Very good! That was a very good performance just now. Let’s continue” Johnny tiredly said.



“Oh please, I’m very tired..” Jungwoo complained.



“Youngho, we’ve been practicing for five hours! Let’s take rest” Yuta whined.



“No way! The competition is tomorrow. For the sake of Minji, I must win the competition” Johnny said. 



I started fixing the engine of the last car before I leave this town. They started practicing again, not to be rude or anything but they sounded terrible. I decided to pull the plug out causing their instruments to turned off.



“Why are you interrupting our practice?” Johnny asked tiredly.



“Take a break” I said simply while going back to what I was doing.



“You’re practicing so much that your voice is almost hoarse” I continued.



“If you’re all hoarse how are you going to compete?” I glanced at them, I saw all of his friends nodded.



“Fine, go take a break” He said while motioning his friends to go.



I saw him looking at the hanging certificate that he drew with Minji after all his friends left.



“You really like her a lot, don’t you?” 



“Of course” I scoffed secretly.



“What’s so good about her? What is it about her that you admire?” I looked at him and saw him looking back at me.



“I just simply like Minji. Why does it need so many reasons?” He replied.



“Really? If you can’t even clearly explain why you like her, how can you pledge in all seriousness that she is the one you want as well as the one that you like?” I stopped doing what I was doing and pointed at him.



“From the time I’ve known Minji until now, I’ve always thought that she is the dumbest scammer in the world” 



“Everytime she tells a lie, it’s never for herself. There are two kinds of scammer in this world; one kind that does it for himself, and that’s called selfish” I nodded while listening to him talk.



“The other kind are those who always look out for others and that’s Minji” I looked away before smiling bitterly.



“So, that’s why.. for example, everytime that I treat her well, she would slog her guts out to pay me back ten times over” I bit my lower lips.



“Don’t be fooled by her fearless attitude, She’s actually not very brave. She never shows her true self in front of strangers” I sighed after remembering what Taehyung said back at the hospital.



“She is a soft-hearted woman. She needs somebody to protect her—“



“That’s why, I’m g

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