Chapter 31

My Sunshine
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Minji's POV


I smiled bitterly as soon as I saw her do the belief thingy I told her to do. 

"She actually believed what I randomly made up again. It seems like she really cares about getting rejected" I mumbled next to my uncle.


"You.. really can't let go of Yoohyeon? Why don't we just get a rope and tie her up? And not let her go tomorrow" My uncle joked next to me.


"Are you crazy? If her heart wants to leave, can we stop her with a rope?" He laughed at me.


"I was just kidding. I'm sure she has feelings for you as well. It's just that she might not even realize it yet" I shook my head.


"She can't be like that"


"Uncle" I immediately turned to face him.


"let's leave early tomorrow. I want to go and meet that woman" I said before earning a confused look from my uncle.


"Minji-ah.. can you please think logically? Or are you a masochist? Will you only be satisfied when you see them lovey-dovey with each other?" I sighed.


"Yoohyeon is really excited to meet her.. but I'm afraid that she is not sincere and hurt her again" I looked at my uncle.


"Then that's Yoohyeon's problem. If you go, you'll only hurt yourself more" He said in a concerned tone.


"Minji-ah.. Although we are poor, we still have our pride. Why must you do this to yourself?"


"I only want her to have her own happiness so that our encounter will not go to waste" He let out a frustrating groan at me.


"Why are you still the same as before? Every time you fall in love with somebody, you do everything for them so much so you forget about yourself" I looked down.


"Are you going to help me or not?" I asked.


"I hope that you won't regret this.." I smiled as soon as he said that.


"Thank you, uncle" He gave me a nod before walking out of my room.


End of Minji's POV


"hello? Dami, how are your preparations going?" Siyeon asked over the phone.


"everything is ready. Just waiting for Yoohyeon to appear" Dami answered while looking out the giant glass window.


"The Executive Board meeting is at 2pm today. Currently, Bora is at Madam Wilson's hotel trying to meet with her" Siyeon informed.


"As long as we can get Queen Mary back from Yoohyeon, our company will be saved. Therefore, we can only succeed. We cannot fail this time, ok?"


"yes" Dami replied.


"Dami-yah.. you must pay special attention. You must not hurt her in any way" Siyeon reminded Dami while looking at her through the giant glass window"


"I have explained this clearly to the others" Dami said after nodding.


Siyeon dropped the call while waiting for Yoohyeon to show up. She sighed before turning around. She frowned after seeing Minji in front of her.


"May I ask who you are..?" Siyeon asked before walking closer to Minji.


"Kim Minji, we've met before.. outside the police station with Yoohyeon" 


She is the kindest girl I've ever met, you can't compare to her. Siyeon frowned after remember the person she got compared to by Yoohyeon.


"Oh, it's you. Did you need something?" Siyeon asked.


"Since you are here today, it must mean that you really care about Yoohyeon, right?" 

"You know that I'm meeting her?" Minji nodded.


"I don't know why you fell in love with someone else before, but since you are here today, I'm guessing you changed your mind and will now accept her back. I hopw that you will not hurt her again" Minji said.


"Who are you to her? What right do you have to mind our business?" Siyeon said firmly.


"Why not? Yoohyeon is my friend. You probably don't know but, she only have you in her heart" Si

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