Chapter 21

My Sunshine
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“This Kim Yoohyeon isn’t even one of our people, what gives her the right to gamble Tomorrow Town’s future with Minho?” One of the villagers said.




“That’s enough!” The Chief shouted.




“It’s Minji’s fault! She comes back and we’re all down on our luck again!” One of the villagers shouted.




Yoohyeon and Minji went back to the Village before going inside Johnny’s Garage Business. They saw the people inside discussing the news about Minho and Yoohyeon’s race.




They all looked at Yoohyeon with angry mixed with worried eyes.




“I know what you’re all going to say, but things have happened already. The most important thing now is to help me find a good car to win this race” Yoohyeon said. 




“That’s right! Village Chief, hurry and set her up with a good car” They all said to the Village Chief.




“Alright! Johnny! Help Yoohyeon find a car” Johnny looked at him in disbelief.




“You know.. you’re my rival but for the sake of Minji, I will help you” Johnny said to Yoohyeon. 




“I’ll let you check out the new car that came today” Johnny said before waling past Yoohyeon, Yoohyeon followed him.




“New car?” Yoohyeon asked.




“Here, my new car” Johnny said proudly. Yoohyeon frowned before looking around the car. 



“This car is.. new?” Yoohyeon asked while wiping the dust from the car.




Yoohyeon examined the car before accidentally making the front bumper to collapse. 




“Be careful!” Johnny said it too late.




“Is this the only car you have?” Yoohyeon asked after sighing.




“You’re still complaining? This is the best car already” Johnny replied.




“Trueno AE86” Johnny exclaimed. Yoohyeon sighed again before examining the engine.




Yoohyeon’s POV



Although this AE86 doesn’t have much horsepower, it’s capability of continuous drifting through curves on mountain roads is very good..




Some modifications would do wonders..




“Alright, this is it” I

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