Chapter 3

My Sunshine
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Yoohyeon’s POV



Somewhere inside the airport | 5 PM



“Why is that pretty lady handcuffed?” I heard someone said. I glared at the group of guards behind me while clutching my handcuffed wrists.




“I think I’ve seen her somewhere.. Is she a celebrity?” One of the girls said. I stopped walking.








“Dami-yah, we grew up together.. Do you have to handcuff me home?” I said as calmly as possible.




“Yoohyeon-ah, you disappeared for a year. If I let you get away this time, I won’t be able to face the chairman” I scoffed at her.




“I’ll triple the amount of what he pays you” She laughed quietly. 




“Yoohyeon-ah, we’ve been looking for you for a long time. If you didn’t stir up a commotion in France, and got arrested by the police there, we wouldn’t be able to find you” I scoffed.




“Since we’ve found you now, it’s best that I be more cautious. So please, Yoohyeon-ah.. don’t make this harder for us”




I started walking ahead again, I saw a foreigner holding a newspaper. The cover is the incident I caused in Paris. I smirked.




As I’m walking, I purposely bumped into him before smirking. 




“Excuse me” I said as soon as I bumped into the foreigner guy.




“You? Aren’t you the F1 driver, Yooh?” He said while looking at the newspaper and then at me.




I nodded.




“What’s the matter?” Dami asked as she can’t understand the foreigner since he’s speaking in french.




“Don’t be nervous. He’s just a fan” I said.




“Can I please have your autograph?” I looked at the foreigner.




“I’m afraid I can’t” I said trying to show him my handcuffed hands.




“Is there a problem?” The foreigner asked hesitantly.




“Actually, the mafia forced me to fake a race, so that I would lose on purpose. I refused, so they kidnapped me” I said sadly. It’s not the truth but I want to get out of this handcuff.




“What?! That’s terrible!” The foreigner remarked, “let me help you” he said before motioning to D

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