Chapter Eight


 The next day goes like nothing. He never knew that Seungcheol could divert the attention easily. Pretending as if nothing happened. Pretending as if the elder didn't go and crying while apologizing to him.

It hurts him so much seeing Seungcheol is trailing Jeonghan, like some kind of puppy. Seungcheol had his attention on Jihoon yesterday and now, they're back to square one.
This time he wants to give up. If Seungcheol ever comes back, trying to disturb his feelings. He'd smack the elder with his guitar.

Jihoon, Soonyoung and Wonwoo attend their class and Jihoon tries his best to not get distracted by his stupid feelings over stupid Seungcheol.
Jeonghan is not one to blame. 'I guess I'm moving on.'

Jihoon noticed a guy out of nowhere poked his head. Who'd dare to touch his head because none of his friends would do that, knowing the consequences.

A cute eye smiles appear, with a nose scrunch. "Oh, hey Daniel." Jihoon softened his voice because it's the college heartthrob.
Jihoon and Daniel became friends about a year ago when Daniel found out how Jihoon can dance as well.

"Gosh, do you need to be this cute? It's distracting." Daniel chuckles, sitting next to Jihoon.
The smaller flushed, because never in a million years would the school crush compliments him.

"Anyway, do you have a partner for the project? If you don't, then can I be?"

Jihoon almost forgot about the project that he needed to submit next month. He was occupied with his feelings that he forgot he still doesn't have a partner.
"Sure. It's easier if you're my partner."

"Cutie." Daniel pinched his cheeks before leaving, telling him to call him later.
Jihoon just can't be mad when it comes to Daniel. That man himself is a cutie as well. Not to forget he's hot and y. 'Gosh, my ed minds.'

"Jihoon." A deep voice calling him. His smile quickly falter.
Seungcheol is frowning. "Why the hell are you smiling alone?"
Shaking his head and asked why Seungcheol is calling him.


Jihoon looks at Seungcheol in disbelief. 'That's it? He calls me for nothing?' Then, Seungcheol leaves with no words.
'Yeah. I don't like him anymore.'

Time flies pretty fast that day, Jihoon went home and somehow Seungcheol is standing in front of his door. "What are you doing here?"
Jihoon frowned seeing the elder stands in front of his room instead of going in since Seungcheol knows the code.

"Let's have dinner?"
Jihoon thought for a while but decline. "Aww, why not? We haven't had dinner together in a very long time." Seungcheol whines and the elder is right. They haven't.
'But just only both of them?' Jihoon wonders why all of sudden Seungcheol would want to have dinner with him. Alone.
"No, Hyung. Daniel is coming, so I'll have dinner with him."

Seungcheol's face changes. Jihoon is an observant person but he doesn't know why. Seungcheol's face is unreadable. 'What's with that expression?' Jihoon shrugs it off, thinking Seungcheol will keep coming until he says so. But for now, he needs to decline for the sake of his project. Or else he wouldn't get credit for the subject.

"Sorry, Hyung but maybe next time."

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