Chapter Eighteen


  Jeonghan saw how Jihoon has been sticking way too close with Daniel. At first, Jeonghan didn't believe what Seungcheol told. Jihoon has always been his favourite dongsaeng, so there must be a reason why Jihoon did it.

But, seeing how Jihoon now and he thought that Daniel could fool Jihoon just like that because he is the school's heartthrob. "Why are you staring at them?" Jisoo asked.

"I don't know. It feels like something is missing. Something that we don't know."

"Anyway, Jihoon. Do you think I could make it?" Jihoon nods cutely and Daniel smiles. "Thanks, baby boy." He kissed on top of Jihoon's head and leave.
Jihoon's face turns rosy, not knowing how to react. He's afraid if anyone would see that.

Unfortunately, that happened. Mingyu was amazed at how Jihoon didn't kill Daniel yet for kissing him in public. "I can't believe you didn't strangle him for kissing you."

Hearing words from Mingyu is fine but seeing Seungcheol standing beside Mingyu is death to him.
The eldest is looking at him with an unreadable look.
"Whoa, I thought Seungcheol Hyung is the only guy who has the access." Mingyu is still impressed with earlier's events, not realizing there's tension between them.

Honestly, he's never scared of Seungcheol even when the members are. But right now, he could feel the leader's wrath.

Seungcheol yanks Mingyu away without saying a word which makes Mingyu confused.

Seungcheol is out with Mingyu and Wonwoo. The two tallest have something to buy so they go to a mall. Seungcheol just wants to have dinner.

Mingyu and Wonwoo are buying clothes while Seungcheol looks around in the store. He doesn't need any new clothes. Besides, he's not in the mood after what he saw earlier.

"Hey, I'll wait outside." Mingyu nods. Seungcheol sits on the bench out of the store. He just staring blankly, not doing anything. Too lazy to open his phone.

He looks around the mall. There are not many people since it's weekdays. He leans on the bench, his mind still lingers on what he saw earlier.
He doesn't know what he's feeling. Angry? Jealous? Or betrayed? He can't believe Jihoon didn't want to listen to him.

"Oppa will buy it for you, okay?" Seungcheol snaps out of his thought. That voice is familiar.
He looks around for the voice.

There, he saw Daniel with the same girl, a few steps away from him. Daniel had his arms wrap around the girl's waist. He heard the girl giggles and he thought it's disgusting.
Then he saw Daniel kisses the girl on the lips.

That's when he explodes.

"You, son of a !" Seungcheol fists him and Daniel is on the floor. The girl is terrified. "What did you do?!"

"What did you say to Jihoon that he's trusting you so much?" His eyes are darkened, he's beyond angry.

"Hyung, listen." Daniel pleads.

Seungcheol stands straight and looks at Daniel. "Stay away from Jihoon. He's hurt enough or I'll make you live in hell."

Okay guys. This story is nearly end and pretty sure you guys are wondering what will happen, right? 😏

I'm thinking of making another series or what do you think?

Stay safe everyone!

Love, smelissa

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